"Replacing Bunnies with Lifelines"
Outback Ep 6
Season Survivor: The Australian Outback
Episode Number 6/13 (019)
First Broadcast October 20, 2014
Episode Chronology
Previous Matricide
Next Combustion

Replacing Bunnies with Lifelines is the sixth episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 15 (Night)Edit

Ogakor return to camp having just voted out Laurencia in a 5-2 vote, with Victor being the only tribe member to stick by her for the vote. Curt, Clarity and Georgia all appear pleased with the result, with Curt particularly letting it be known what he thought of Laurencia, spilling out verbal abuse, making derogatory remarks about her weight and ethnicity. Clarity and Georgia smile at Curt's comments, while Ned immediately goes to bed, not wanting to be apart of the abuse. Victor stands and watches as his tribe mates slag off his friend.

Quote1Farrell, not going to lie buddy but I doubted you.Quote2- Curt
Quote1As did I.Quote2- Clarity
Quote1But... you've made the right decision! Finally he has a backbone (laughs)Quote2- Curt
Quote1It wasn't a hard decision to make guys. I don't know why you were even worried...Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Because you gave off the impression that you were a good guy who made bonds for reasons other than to break them?Quote2- Victor
Quote1Oh quiet Victor... don't be bitter...Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Oh quiet Clarity... You barely spoke to me in fifteen days, don't bother starting now.Quote2- Victor
Quote1Just ignore him, he's pissed because we played the game better...Quote2- Curt
Quote1Yes, so much better than me... That's why one of you is going to win this (laughs)Quote2- Victor
Fifteen days of being pleasant to these people was for nothing... They want to play the game with nastiness, and reward people for nastiness... Then I'll just join the trend, and make sure that one of them heads home before I do. Two of my friends have gone, and were ridiculed by these individuals... Well now its time to make sure they all feel the same way Johna and Laurencia did... It's not going to be easy to pull this out the bag... But, uh... I guess its replacing bunnies with lifelines.


Victor heads to the shelter, going to sleep next to Ned, while the others stay up, claiming that Victor's bitterness is expected, and not to let it bother them. Eventually the entire tribe head to bed, with Farrell checking on the fire before he joins them.

Tonight I made a decision that really could come back to bite me. I know that Laurencia had my back, as did Victor... Had I stuck with them through a merge I think I'd have found myself sitting quite comfortably at the final two. However, Ned wasn't keen on turning on the alliance in order to save Laurencia... So I went with him and stuck with the group. I'd like to think now that the alliance sees I am loyal to them, that they'll be happy to stick with me to the end... I honestly believe this is going to work out somehow... Myself, Ned, Clarity and Curt will be going through this as a tight group.


As Ogakor head to sleep, thunder is heard, with heavy rain falling over the camp.

Day 16Edit


Kucha awaken in the middle of the thunderstorm, all unable to sleep due getting drenched by the rain. Neil, Reniero and Carlson leave the shelter wearing their jackets, trying to create a better drainage system on their roofing in an attempt to stop the water catching and weighing down their shelter. Alia and Chelsie huddle together inside the shelter, trying to stay warm while keeping their spirits up.

Quote1I feel like we're in the city of sinners or something...Quote2- Chelsie
Quote1Well we've done something to upset mother nature that's for sure...Quote2- Alia
The rain was pounding down on us... Thank God we have men who like to do the work because I didn't want to be the girl who had to go out and try to fix the roof. I can barely fix my own hair out here let alone the shelter...


Quote1Do you guys think the crocodiles will come closer to camp if it floods!?Quote2- Chelsie
Quote1Dont say that! You'll jinx it! (laughs)Quote2- Alia
I'm glad that Alia and uh... Chelsie... Found it amusing. I mean the three guys are busting our asses outside and they're huddled together making jokes. I wont say anything because I know that I have a problem with work ethic... I'll just keep it to myself and get on with it all.


Carlson, Neil and Reniero finish fixing their drainage system, and return to the shelter. The group huddle together, staying away from the edges of the shelter in order to remain as dry as possible. The group catch up on sleep, before awakening to find their camp has completely flooded. The group try to collect any belongings that may have washed away from the shelter, hoping that they haven't lost anything vital. Neil suggests that he and Reniero walk towards the river, trying to widen the flow of water away from camp in order to remove any excess water around them.

It was nice to see Neil on the ball today. As much as he can screw certain things up, he really is the right man to lead the tribe in terms of survival, because he's the one who really knows what to do. I mean he's a stockbroker from Brooklyn yet he knows how to... remove flooding (laughs). I think myself, Carlson and Alia did feel bad that we weren't contributing as much, but there wasn't much we could do of use. So the three of us collected anything floating around, and placed it in the shelter.


Quote1Oh no!Quote2- Alia
Quote1What? What is it?Quote2- Carlson
Quote1We've lost our good pot...Quote2- Alia
Quote1(laughing) I love how we have a good pot... Are you sure its not around?Quote2- Carlson
Quote1It'll be here somewhere don't worry.Quote2- Chelsie
Quote1Who has the flint?Quote2- Alia
Quote1Neil does, he kept it in his pocket last night... Thank God...Quote2- Chelsie
Since Cindra went home this game has changed dramatically for the tribe. We haven't been to tribal council for a while, and we've had our whole... Getting to know you sessions. I have almost forgotten there is a strategic aspect to this game. It makes things harder knowing that we may be voting someone out before the merge because as a group we're getting on so much better then we were at the start of this thing. I'd say that if we did lose the challenge it'll be Reniero going home... or Neil... I don't know, and that's the problem. I have no idea who'd go because we're not discussing it. Honestly, I don't think any of us feel that we're losing the immunity challenge, because we feel like we're on this high right now.


Reniero and Neil slightly manage to fix the flooding problem, although the tribe suspect that it naturally drained away by itself. The group manage to find their "good pot" after the water disperses, and spend the rest of their day clearing up the mess left over. However, they are unable to get a fire going due to the wood being wet, meaning they are unable to boil any drinking water, leaving several members dehydrated.


Ogakor awaken having slept through the storm taking place throughout the night. Georgia bursts into tears as soon as she arises from the shelter, showing her tribe that she is completely drenched. Clarity tries to comfort Georgia, who continues to act hysterical over the flooded camp and wet clothing. Curt arises and tells Georgia to stop complaining, which initially appears to work, as she is stunned into silence. However, Georgia quickly shouts at Curt, who has gone through her bag during the night and taken out her spare clothing in order to keep himself dryer.

It was raining. There was a bag of clothes near me. She cant blame me for trying to keep dry!


Quote1You've ruined them! They're all soaking wet!Quote2- Georgia
Quote1Fun fact for you sweetie, everything is soaking wet.Quote2- Curt
Quote1I had this stuff in my bag for a reason! You don't just go through my stuff and take it out to get wet!Quote2- Georgia

Georgia and Curt continue arguing, with Curt defending his actions, not seeing Georgia's reasoning for being upset. Clarity, Farrell, Victor and Ned watch in silence, all trying to find a way to defuse the situation. Georgia storms off from the camp, with Clarity reluctantly following in order to keep her calm. Victor tries to train the excess water held in his pony tail, while tying it back using his hairband, he stands and watches on as Curt kicks through a pile of wet firewood.

Quote1The stupid.. ugh... Like we're suppose to believe she's upset that she now is FORCED to wear her bikini. It's all she's been doing for fifteen days! F***ing w**re.Quote2- Curt
Quote1C'mon man, don't be like that...Quote2- Farrell
Quote1No! That's what she is! She's a f***ing w**re! And I'll tell it to her skeletal gaunt face!Quote2- Curt
When situations like this arise I become particularly uncomfortable. I don't like seeing Curt bullying individuals because of his own insecurities and anger issues, but in this case I have to let it go on, and I have to nod along to what he says... I have to become one of his nasty followers. Georgia hasn't been pleasant to me during these few weeks, so now that there's a good chance she'll go and hang herself... I have to help her on her way... I need to make sure the noose is nice as tight, then let Curt push her off the edge... (he shudders)


Ned tells Curt not to be so aggressive, as its just causing issues within the group. Curt reacts poorly to this, asking Ned what he'll do about it, as he doesn't have "the balls to make a move" against him. Ned shrugs and tells Curt to wait and see, which causes Farrell to intervene, shaking his head at Ned in order to tell him to remain quiet. Curt storms off from the camp, saying he'll go and catch a fish, demanding that Victor goes with him, who easily complies.

I am sick to death of Ogakor. The people, the camp, the green on our flag... it's all a reminder of how s**t this place is. Fifteen days out here and I want things to change now... The merge is coming, I know it... and when it does I'll make sure that things go how I want them to! Ned wants to threaten me that he'll make a move? We'll see. I know Ned's kind... he's weak. He'll talk a good game but he'll never follow through, which is why I'll snap his neck before he can even talk about snapping mine. Victor seems to be on the same wavelength as me which is good, because I need a guy like him around. It's just a shame he'll be the next one to go because of this stupid alliance Clarity had to go and set up. But hey, I'm the man who calls the shots around here... so if I want Victor to stick around, I'll make sure he sticks around.


Day 17Edit

Challenge: Blind Leading the Blind
The tribes will select one member of each team to act as their "eyes" while the other members are blindfolded. Sitting atop two towers, the "eyes" must guide their blindfolded tribe members through a series of obstacles, such as: stacking wooden beams and filling up buckets of water. The first tribe to successfully complete the course wins.
Reward: A feast of Mountain Dew and Doritos.
Winner: Ogakor

Reward Challenge: Blind Leading the Blind
Outcome Tribe Caller Blindfolded Pairs Sit-Out
Won Ogakor Ned Outback
Curt OutbackFarrell Outback
Curt, Farrell
Georgia OutbackVictor Outback
Georgia, Victor
Clarity Outback
Lost Kucha Alia Outback
Neil OutbackReniero Outback
Neil, Reniero
Carlson OutbackChelsie Outback
Carlson, Chelsie


Kucha return to camp having just lost the reward challenge, although the group are upset at failing to obtain the treat, they feel as though they have gained something out of Georgia, who openly admitted to receiving votes at past tribal councils when talking aloud to Jeff. The tribe return and sit around the fireplace, still unable to get a fire going due to wet wood. Neil gives everyone a handful of the corn they received on day 1, which the group eat dry.

We were sitting around the dead fire eating our dried corn powder stuff. We're like animals and we look horrendous. I cannot wait for a merge to come because we need it and bad... I do think that I'll be making the merge, as cocky as that sounds. Myself, Carlson and Chelsie are an alliance and if we lose tomorrow then Reniero or Neil will be going home. I'd rather Neil be the one to leave as I feel he's done a lot of damage to the tribe indirectly because of his poor approach to the game. I do hope that no one has to leave us... because if we can make the merge with five against five, and Georgia is still around... Kucha will easily take over this game.


Quote1Did you hear what that girl said?Quote2- Chelsie
Quote1What, that she was upset at the trouble in the group and how she keeps getting votes?Quote2- Reniero
Quote1Yep, that's what I heard.Quote2- Neil
Quote1This is hilarious (laughs) Did you see how p***ed they all go?Quote2- Carlson
Quote1The guy with the black hairs reaction nearly killed me... "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" (laughs)Quote2- Alia
Quote1Because they were winning everything I just assumed it was going so well for them...Quote2- Chelsie
Quote1Exactly! I mean they seemed like a strong group. I guess we're still in this thing come merge because we know who we're voting for...Quote2- Carlson
As a tribe we seem to be confident, all because a girl on the other tribe let it be known that she had votes against her. She didn't do it intentionally because she doesn't look like she would even play strategically... I mean like, she wouldn't lie about it. Maybe it was all set up by them, which is very clever... But it just felt genuine on her part. Hopefully if we win this next challenge the girl is still here at the merge... But then again if she is maybe that is a clear sign they were playing us and we shouldn't vote for her...


Quote1Guys if we can go into the challenge tomorrow and blow them away... I think we can take this game. Seriously...Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Then we're all at least guaranteed jury, and hopefully one of us is winning this game.Quote2- Chelsie
Quote1Well as long as one of us wins this... I'm happy.Quote2- Neil
Quote1But one of us can only win if we can gain that upper hand at the merge.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1The other tribe aren't even nice people, we cant let them win! They voted out the fun chick with the cute smile!Quote2- Alia
Quote1The Mexican lady? Laurie or something?Quote2- Chelsie
Quote1I think it was Laurencia.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Yeah, she was someone that I was looking forward to hanging with. This game is losing all the girls, it's day seventeen and there's like three of us left...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Well after how that other girl acted today, one of you is gonna be the last girl standing regardless of what happens.Quote2- Neil

The tribe continue to discuss the upcoming merge, realizing that if things turn sour for them tomorrow, that they will likely all be taken out of the game one after the other.


Ogakor return to camp, with Curt and Farrell lugging the reward back with them. Despite having just won their treat, the high tension in the tribe remains. Particularly following an incident which had occurred at the reward challenge. After being asked about their feelings on their tribes by Jeff, Georgia stated that "there is a lot of tension back at camp, and it sucks to receive votes every tribal we've been to." Immediately after making this comment Curt, Ned and Clarity quickly intervened, trying to keep Georgia quiet who was indirectly revealing too much about their tribe to the opposition.

Today a miracle happened. At the reward challenge Georgia told the other tribe that she has received votes at previous tribal councils. Now, this may not seem like much until you remember the rules of this game. If a tie in the vote occurs, and a re-vote fails to break this tie, then past votes are taken into account. Kucha now know that one of our members has at least two votes against her, which in fact is five votes. Therefore they'll all vote for her if we merge because they know they'd have a good chance of getting Georgia out. As we don't know who on the other tribe has past votes, the odds are majorly stacked against us. The reason this is a miracle is because Ogakor aren't idiots... They'll realize this and they'll most definitely reconsider taking me out at tribal if we lose again... Because keeping Georgia screws each and every one of them. (he laughs) ... I think Georgia just saved my game.


Quote1Before we start eating and drinking... I have a serious question. Georgia how many times were you dropped on the head as a child?Quote2- Curt
Quote1Huh?Quote2- Georgia
Quote1Curt, don't.Quote2- Clarity
Quote1No, no... its a serious question. I'm intrigued. How many times?Quote2- Curt
Quote1Curt, just shut the hell up! Ok!? Georgia did wrong. But we've won a reward so get the hell over it!Quote2- Ned
Quote1Can you stay the hell out of this? I'd like you to return to the land of silence. Georgia... you're not eating as much as the rest of us because... well... You'll be home soon.Quote2- Curt
Quote1I'm really confused...? What are you on about?Quote2- Georgia
Poor Georgia, bless her soul. She really screwed up today... I think we all realize this puts everything into jeopardy if we do end up losing. My only hope is that we win this challenge tomorrow because if we don't... The alliance crumbles and things turn sour for us. I'll have to spend today finding ways to save Georgia, because despite her general uselessness... She's a good ally to have for this game.


Today everyone was mad because I said that the tribe has problems or something. I don't think that'll come as a surprise to Kucha! They can just tell how much of a jerk Curt is! So he needs to stop acting like everything is so God damn perfect because his presence shows that it isn't!


The tribe sit down and enjoy their reward, but fail to relax and Curt continuously makes a comment each time Georgia takes another chip. Georgia, wanting to take the heat off herself, decides to bring up the groups main nemesis; Laurencia.

Quote1God, could you imagine if Laurencia was here! We'd have to be digging in quick to this!Quote2- Georgia
Quote1Why's that?Quote2- Victor
Quote1Because... she... uh... She'd always take such big portions.Quote2- Georgia
Quote1Well, she didn't.Quote2- Victor
Quote1What the hell is this guys? We've won a reward and all that's happening is we're slagging off individuals. Just don't speak if you have nothing nice to say...Quote2- Farrell
I swear if Farrell keeps trying to act like this martyr or peacekeeper I think I'll shove him into the fire. I'm actually proud of myself... I've been with these people for this long and I haven't majorly lost it yet. If that hasn't earned me a place in the merge then I don't know what will.


Farrell might not be a bad guy at heart... But the fact he continues to act like he cared about Laurencia by defending her kind of bugged me. Laurencia didn't need defending... But she needed someone to stick by her. If he was a true genuine person, he'd have done the latter. He showed his true colours so he can drop this facade that he's a caring guy. He's out here to win a million dollars, just like we all are ultimately.


The tribe go off to finish their daily chores, with Ned and Farrell clearing the camp after the flood which occurred the previous day. Georgia and Clarity try to dry off the tribes clothing, with Clarity and Georgia discussing removing Victor at the next tribal council, believing they can find a way to secure his elimination. Victor and Curt once again head off together, with Victor attempting to get on Curt's side in an attempt to save himself, believing himself to have a greater chance at survival if he goes after Georgia, as opposed to Curt, who continues to rub his tribe mates the wrong way.

Day 18Edit

Both tribes are informed that they will be facing their next immunity challenge. With both tribes believing this will be the final challenge before the merge, they each take into account the importance of winning. Ogakor wish to keep their numbers advantage over Kucha, while Kucha wishes to even things out, in order to get a fair chance when it comes to the first merged tribal council. Ogakor are told to sit one member out, with the group unanimously deciding that Georgia should be the one to sit out, as she is the obvious weak link within the tribe.

Today is a big day for myself and my tribe. Although we are preaching unity, I do feel as though losing would mean that my time here is up, because Reniero fits in with this younger crowd, where as I'm just... boring old dad I guess.


If we lose today... If we actually don't win this challenge... I will see to it that someone I detest is sent home. I don't care if I'm left alone in voting for Georgia, or Ned... or Farrell... But I'll make sure that one of them gets a clear message that I'm after them. Going into the merge that's not the wisest thing, but I'm seventeen days past caring.


Challenge: The Race
Each tribe is tied together by a large rope, meaning they must move as one. The tribe must move through an obstacle course, before attempting to get across a rough river towards the finish mat. The first tribe to arrive at the mat wins immunity.
Winner: Kucha
Information (Kucha): All five members of Kucha perform well, leading them to a successful win. After winning the challenge, the tribe members scream with joy, all believing that they have guaranteed themselves a spot at the merge.
Information (Ogakor): Curt, Farrell, Ned and Victor perform well, keeping Ogakor in the challenge, just behind Kucha during the course. Clarity however performs badly, constantly falling over, costing the tribe the win.

Immunity Challenge: The Race
Result Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Won Kucha Alia OutbackCarlson OutbackChelsie OutbackNeil OutbackReniero Outback
Alia, Carlson, Chelsie, Neil, Reniero
Lost Ogakor Curt OutbackClarity OutbackFarrell OutbackNed OutbackVictor Outback
Curt, Clarity, Farrell, Ned, Victor
Georgia Outback


Ogakor return to camp having just lost their third immunity challenge, meaning that after the next tribal council they will be even with Kucha on numbers for the first time since the start of the game. As they return to camp, Curt gives off a blatant display of laughter. He claims that things couldn't have gone any worse for them, and that justice must be served.

I found it ironic that Curt spoke of justice being served tonight. If justice was served he'd be the one going home tonight... Sadly it never pans out that way, so it'll be Victor or... maybe Georgia going home, considering she screwed the whole tribe by speaking out to Jeff at the reward.


Clarity pulls Curt and Farrell aside, whilst Georgia nervously begins talking with Ned. Victor stands and observes.

Tonight, things might not go my way, and I've accepted that. My current frame of mind is that I'm the one going home, that way I cant be disappointed if I do have my torch snuffed. However, I do have a good feeling that things could somehow turn in my favor, and all I have to do is sit back and watch them self destruct, they've done a good job of that so far.


Quote1What are we gonna do about the vote?Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Georgia.Quote2- Curt
Quote1You serious?Quote2- Farrell
Quote1When am I never not serious? You cant be questioning my decision, not now Farrell. That girl will cause all our downfalls if she even gets a whiff of the merge!Quote2- Curt
Quote1But we can save her! Say she wins immunity, then we're fine!Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Yes because she's definitely winning a challenge on her own...Quote2- Curt
Quote1Well one of us can win the challenge and give her immunity...Quote2- Clarity
Quote1The only thing I'm giving her is a vote against her tonight. It's too risky to even suggest one of us can win the challenge... You're willing to put all of us at risk for what?! An ally? Victor can stick by us, and he will stick by us.Quote2- Curt
Quote1He wont...Quote2- Clarity
I did my best to get Curt to see the light. The only issue is that he is such a stubborn guy he'll never look at the grand scheme of things. In all fairness he didn't want to align with Georgia in the first place... So I cant say this is a sign Curt will turn on us... But it does worry me that he has such anger issues... I don't want him to ever go against me so maybe it is best that I appease him.


Back at the shelter, Georgia, feeling worried for herself, talks with Ned, whom she feels will stick by her at tribal council.

Quote1Things are still cool right? I mean, Victor is heading home?Quote2- Georgia
Quote1Yeah, I think so.Quote2- Ned
Quote1I'm just worried because of Curt...Quote2- Georgia
Quote1Don't worry about Curt. He's being an ass to everyone at the moment... I mean... The longer he stays the less secure I feel.Quote2- Ned
Quote1Well I think we should just stick as the group we made. Victor will flip to Kucha the first chance he gets... He's not loyal to us! You saw every tribal he voted with the people who we sent home! He's bitter about that!Quote2- Georgia
Overall I would say that I feel alright because Clarity, Ned and Farrell are all on my side. The only thing that worries me is Curt and Victor are voting against me from what I can tell... And Farrell is so two faced he's probably considering turning on me already. I just hope Clarity and Ned do a good enough job of keeping the group loyal, because if we don't stick together now then things will definitely turn bad when we meet with Kucha again.


At tribal council, Georgia and Victor go head to head, both claiming reasons as to why the other should go. Due to her lack of strategic knowledge, Georgia is unable to defend herself against Victor's proof that if Georgia makes the merge the tribe will end up in the minority. Clarity attempts to defend Georgia, once again claiming that they can give her immunity if they win it in order to save her, although Curt steps in, once again proving that this is too risky, and that for the greater good of the tribe, they have to send Georgia home, and that they have to take the risk on Victor or else they'll have no shot of making it to the final five. As the votes come in, the entire tribe is unanimous is voting for Georgia, who is left alone in voting for Victor. Georgia seems emotional upon her exit, still not certain as to why the group turned on her.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 6:
Georgia Outback
Georgia (5 votes)
Clarity OutbackCurt OutbackFarrell Outback
Ned OutbackVictor Outback
Clarity, Curt, Farrell, Ned & Victor
Victor Outback
Victor (1 vote)
Georgia Outback
Georgia Outback Eliminated

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

You should have kept quiet... I don't understand what made you give away such vital information, but you only have yourself to blame.


Removing you is just... I am just so proud to be the instigator in getting you out of this game. You really outstayed your welcome.


Going with the group on this one. It makes the most sense to send you packing.


Victor, you're a snake and if you get to the merge you'll screw each and every one of us.


Sorry for having to lie to you at the shelter. We'd spoken about losing after the reward incident and had agreed at that point you had to be the one to go home. There was a bit of doubt in my mind, but the risk you presented was far too great.


I don't think I'm the one going home, so hopefully for once this vote is with the numbers. You've not been particularly pleasant to be around, and you really didn't deserve to make it past day twelve let alone day eighteen. Having said that, I don't think you deserved the abuse you received off Curt, and I wish you all the luck for the future.


Final WordsEdit

I hate this so much! I was so close to making the merge and the guys all turned on me! They kept Victor and he'll screw them all over! Curt is an absolute jerk who doesn't deserve to even be here! Farrell is just so two faced and he'll get them all out! I... I don't get why they'd vote me over one of them! They got it into their heads that I was a danger to them because of my past votes when the other tribe probably didn't even pick up on it until Curt started screaming "shut up" at me! I don't want any of them to win... None of them deserve it.


Still In The RunningEdit

Alia Outback
Carlson Outback
Chelsie Outback
Cindra Outback Eliminated
Mitchell Outback Eliminated
Neil Outback
Reniero Outback
Rose Outback Eliminated
Clarity Outback
Curt Outback
Farrell Outback
Georgia Outback Eliminated
Johna Outback Eliminated
Laurencia Outback Eliminated
Ned Outback
Victor Outback

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