"I'm Not The Almighty"
Marquesas Ep 3
Season Survivor: Marquesas
Episode Number 3/13 (042)
First Broadcast November 29, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous The Good Will Prevail
Next Dancing On An Active Volcano

I'm Not The Almighty is the third episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 6 (Night)

The tribe return to camp having just blindsided Alistair from the game, with James ending up on the outs of the vote, having assumed that it was Ursula going home. James goes and sits by the fire, observing the large grins on the faces of his tribe mates, who are all pleased to have removed the negativity from the group.

Well... tribal council was shocking to say the least. Alistair went home and the overwhelming individual that is Ursula still walks this beach. I'm not shocked that the girls turned on Alistair, or that he's gone home so early... I'm just shocked that both Martin and William left me out of the loop, and that not even Tish let me in on what was going on. I feel like such an ass that I was the only one to vote with Alistair... I'm on the outs.


Ursula walks over and gives William an exaggerated kiss on the cheek, before jokingly chasing after Martin to apply a kiss to his face too. Martin laughs as he pretends to run away, before giving Ursula a reassuring hug.

Quote1Thank you so much for saving me tonight you guys. Ugh, you've made me so happy.Quote2- Ursula
Quote1Don't mention it.Quote2- Martin
Quote1Your spirit was too beautiful to cut loose.Quote2- William
Quote1Amen to that... (she hugs Ursula)Quote2- Duana
Tonight the tribe pulled through and kept me safe, and I cant begin to explain my gratitude. To have other people believe in me and to keep me... it... it... - (she wipes tears from her face, clearly overwhelmed with emotion)


Quote1So, what happened?Quote2- James
Quote1Myself and Martin felt that Alistair needed to go. He had no reason to really be here.Quote2- William
Quote1And you felt good leaving me out of this change? All of you?Quote2- James
Quote1We just worried that you'd accidentally let it slip... and then you know how Alistair would be if he knew he was going.Quote2- William
Quote1Well, you all made it clear where I am in this group. Thanks for that guys.Quote2- James
Quote1Come on James, its not like that.Quote2- Tish

James opts to go to sleep, leaving those close to him concerned that not informing him of the plan may have been the wrong move, and that now there may be a split in a group aiming to unite itself.

Day 7


After receiving instructions that they must build a raft with supplies provided to them, the group assign de-facto leader Hillary to be the one in charge of the planning. Daisy and Ashley are selected to sit out of the challenge, and can play no part in the construction of the raft.

Being told you cant compete is something that gets on my nerves, particularly as the basis of it is being a girl. Rather than to all discuss who wanted to take part Hillary assigned myself and Ashley to sit out in her typical condescending fashion. What's worse is that no one said anything because they're so use to her word being final.


Whilst working, tension is felt between Ibrahim, Randy and Troy as a result of the latter two attempting to manipulate the others into believing that Ibrahim had lied about catching fish on day 5. Lotus attempts to keep peace between the groups, both for the harmony of others as well as her own position in the game.

Today we were set the task of building a raft, and it was a good way to really just keep the group as busy as possible and to avoid dwelling on the other days events. I feel out of everyone on the tribe my own position is effected more than anyone by having Troy and Ibrahim go at it. Y'know Troy is my 'ally' at this point, and along with Daisy and Ashley he puts me in a powerful position. We know from previous seasons that you cant win this game unless you get some sort of an alliance, and right now Troy benefits me massively. On the other hand Ibrahim is someone I connect with on such a personal level that my intuition is to defend him and point out how much of a douche Troy really is... Rather than to sever my relationship with either I'm going to ensure for now they can work together and we can concentrate on winning these challenges.


Whilst working, the group become frustrated with the onset of bugs biting their bare skin, all complaining with the raised bumps that have began appearing.

Quote1I swear to God I've got no more skin for these bugs to bite...Quote2- Troy
Quote1Maybe if you wore a shirt more often you'd save yourself the problems.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Listen Ryan, when you've got it you'll flaunt it (laughs)Quote2- Troy
Quote1Troy you really are gag-inducing.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Yeah, I mean its not like any of us have enough in our system to risk throwing up at your narcissism.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Whoa-whoa guys! Who woke you guys up in a mood?Quote2- Troy
Right now our tribe is pretty much perfect. I mean we all get on reasonably well, and only Randy and Ibrahim seem to rub people the wrong way. We've won three out of the three challenges so far, and Rotu really just look depleted so I cant see things going down from here. The pride in winning so often has really brought out confidence in all of us too, especially Ryan who is throwing some jokey comments back and forth... its nice to see someone who is pretty timid getting involved.


I'm not sure what it is about starvation and sleep deprivation that bring out my inner devil but I cant help but make comments to people around camp that normally I would only dare think. Whilst working I couldn't resist teasing Troy on his ego and playing on how ridiculous he looks to everyone... What's good for me is he thought I was just joking and playing along with his humor, but I really find him completely and utterly irritating.


As the group continue "joking" amongst themselves, Ashley and Daisy sit away down the beach, using their alone time as an opportunity to talk strategy without the interruption of others.

Quote1I think what we've got right now is really good...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1It's so good. Like so-so good.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1I am concerned with Troy and his erratic behavior. I mean that whole fish thing yesterday, that was so idiotic. What was it even about?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1I really don't know. I know Lotus is finding him tough to deal with, and Hillary really doesn't like him... but who does she like, for real... she's always scowling or barking orders.Quote2- Ashley
Hillary is just an emotional monster. I'm not sure if she's having a mid life crisis or if she just enjoys controlling every single situation, but its really starting to turn me on her. I mean yes its nice having someone to be a leader, but she's turning into a dictator or something.


Quote1What we need to do is just keep Troy's head on because we cant let him blow this for us.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1He'd have to really screw this up for any of us to go soon... I mean Randy is here. No one in their right mind will keep Randy beyond the first time he goes to tribal council.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Right, but I just worry Troy will turn Ibrahim and Ryan against us... Then what'll stop them pulling in Hillary, Randy and God forbid ... Lotus.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Lotus wouldn't do that... side with Randy I mean. If anything she'll pull Ibrahim over to us for that first vote. Ugh, I just want it out the way.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Tribal council cant come soon enough... (laughs)Quote2- Daisy


The tribe awaken to tree mail informing them that they must build a raft with supplies (provided by production) which they must use in the reward challenge. The group look at one another dumbstruck, with no one stepping forward with any ideas. Eventually, Martin decides that he'll take the leadership role, having come up with some basic ideas in his head.

Quote1Alright, so... Uh, if we get Ursula and Duana on this part here, and the rest of us start laying out the basic structure.Quote2- Martin
Quote1Um, sure?Quote2- Duana
Quote1We need to win this one guys... Don't let them think they've beat us this early on.Quote2- Ursula
So Martin decided to step up as the leader in this particular challenge because none of us really had any idea what we were doing. I'm certainly not a creator... I mean it took God seven days to create all this, and I'm not the almighty. I cant put a raft together in several hours (laughs).


I honestly don't think any of us had too much faith in ourselves today. No one knew what we were doing, and poor Martin is giving the vaguest of instructions which got us nowhere... Everyone pitched in though, and it gave us time to bond and reconcile with James after last nights tribal council.


Quote1You feeling a bit more talkative today? Last night you seemed pretty mad...Quote2- Tish
Quote1Wouldn't you be?Quote2- James
Quote1Of course I would... You had every right to be p***ed off. I just want you to know it was nothing against you, it was just about Alistair.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Then why not tell me? How would you feel if Duana ended up going home and everyone voted her but you?Quote2- James
Quote1I'd be concerned... I get it. But all we want is for you to know that you're still in this group... (she leans in and talks quieter) Its still me and you... if anything Ursula is still at the bottom.Quote2- Tish

James and Tish continue talking amongst themselves, with Tish aiming to strengthen their bond once again, knowing that James will be a powerful ally and friend throughout the game. The two of them plus Martin sit together building the raft, laughing amongst themselves, displaying that they are truly a tight unit. Meanwhile, Ursula sits alone just across from the trio, with none of them making any effort to include her in their conversation. Despite being seemingly outcast, Ursula continues to work, wanting to ensure the tribe win their first challenge.

It does hurt when you're sat alone and you see the others talking and bonding without you... Its almost as if they're denying me a chance to integrate into this group, like they've made up their minds that I'll never be 'one of them'. It would be nice to have a friend out here, or someone I can connect with... Duana and William are both lovely individuals, but I feel both of them are much more unified than I ever will be. I'm simply seen as the burden around camp; the fat old lady no one wants to hang with. (she laughs with sadness, wiping tears from her cheek)


Reward Challenge (Day 7)

Challenge: Raft Rescue
Both tribes were given supplies before the challenge to build a raft. The tribes would use the raft to navigate through a course picking up five crates along the way. The first tribe back to the start with all five crates would win.
Reward: Pillows, blankets, and three lanterns with fuel
Winner: Maraamu

Reward Challenge: Raft Rescue
Result Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
Won Maraamu Hillary MarquesasIbrahim MarquesasLotus MarquesasRandy MarquesasRyan MarquesasTroy Marquesas
Hillary, Ibrahim, Lotus, Randy, Ryan, Troy
Ashley MarquesasDaisy Marquesas
Ashley, Daisy
Lost Rotu Duana MarquesasJames MarquesasMartin MarquesasTish MarquesasUrsula MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Duana, James, Martin, Tish, Ursula, William

Day 8


Having won the luxury of pillows and blankets after winning their fourth consecutive challenge, the Maraamu tribe are disappointed to awake to a downpour on their camp in the early hours of day 8. The tribe seeks dryness under their shelter, with the group huddling extremely close together, having allowed the rain to claim what remained of their fire.

It feels so amazing to have won for a fourth straight time. In life I've never really been that guy who won physical competitions, so to come out here and be so dominant it really does feel great. Despite the rain not letting up all night my morale is really good right now, and I wouldn't be surprised if we avoid sending anyone home once again.


In the midst of the huddling, Troy and Daisy are seen getting extremely close under one of the blankets, with the tribe aware of the kissing due to the lack of subtlety. Ashley and Lotus silently smirk to themselves, with Ashley eventually telling the pair to "take it into the jungle where we cant see".

Daisy and Troy... (sighs)... I'm pretty sure a blind man could've seen this one a mile off. They're two hot, young, single people and they're into each other. It was only a matter of time before they started sucking each others faces. Supplying us with blankets was almost permission for them to begin what we've all been waiting for since day one.


Quote1I don't mind you guys kissing, but just promise there will be no Survivor babies made in this shelter...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Oh my God (hides her face in embarrassment)Quote2- Daisy
(hiding her face) Mum... I'm sorry if you saw that. Oh God this is so embarrassing... I don't know if me saying its partly strategic makes it any better or worse.


No doubt the tribe was rooting for me and Daisy from the get-go, and after today there should be no one questioning who can catch more between myself and Ibrahim... (laughs)


As the rain dies down, Hillary goes towards the now sodden firewood, letting out a large sigh as she searches through it. Ibrahim walks over to join her, wiping the rain off his forehead with his buff, looking back to ensure no one followed him.

Quote1What do you make of all that?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1... It's all damp as hell. We cant do s**t until this dries... Make of what? The whole kissing thing?Quote2- Hillary
Quote1Yeah, I mean they're brave to show closeness like that.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Hun I don't think those two feel an ounce of vulnerability out here... They know as long as Randy is about they've got a pass.Quote2- Hillary
Quote1You don't think Troy is coming after one of us? We're the only two he don't really try and gel with.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Right now I think we need to worry about not being able to drink water, not about whether or not we'll be sent packing by Troy and his sidekicks.Quote2- Hillary
During the rainstorm I had time to really reflect on the Maraamu tribe as a whole, and where I fit within it. Right now I feel that Lotus, Hillary and somewhat Ryan are the three people I click with, and beyond that this group would be more than happy to write my name down. My concern is that people are too confident in Randy's lack of ability to even ponder with the notion that anyone else could be voted out first... But from what I've been seeing, particularly with the lies spouted by Troy and Randy... is that Troy has no intention of letting Randy go so soon. He's the only person on this tribe who gives Randy the time of day and wherever Troy votes... Randy votes, and that's something that keeps my head spinning.


The tribe spend the rest of the day in a somber mood due to the inability to boil water, resorting to eating some raw fish caught by Hillary. Troy, Ashley and Daisy continue to spend time in the shelter, with Troy and Daisy showing greater signs of affection towards each other.


Having just lost their fourth consecutive challenge, combined with the onset of rain, the Rotu tribe sit huddled in their shelter unable to hide the disappointment on their faces. Despite typically being the one to uplift the tribe moral, William finds himself unable to display any sense of hope, staring blankly at the drenched campsite.

Losing any challenge is tough, but losing four in a row is a whole new level of pain. You know before coming out here you think it wont break you, but to know that the other tribe is fishing, has blankets... hasn't had to make the call on who to send home... it stings. It pains me to look at everyone else and to know the likelihood is that we will continue losing, because any advantages that could help us moving forward are at the Maraamu camp.


Quote1I think we take the crown for worst Survivor tribe ever.Quote2- James
Quote1Well at least we'll be remembered for something...Quote2- Ursula
Quote1Maybe Yuzuki and Alistair were the lucky ones... We're the ones who look like the bigger losers right now.Quote2- Tish
We was all sittin' in the shelter, looking round trying to say anything to make us as a group feel a little better. The fact is we suck, we lost four challenges, the other tribe is better than us in almost every darn way. I mean I was in charge of building the raft, but the raft weren't the problem... the weakness of our team was. Our strongest member is probably James and he's a complete wreck right now... They have a woman on their tribe who could probably beat us on her own!


Quote1Would you guys hate me if I said a tribe mix up would be the best thing?Quote2- James
Quote1No... We're all thinking it.Quote2- Tish
Quote1As much as I love you guys for keeping me, escaping this cursed beach would probably be the best news I could get.Quote2- Ursula
Rotu is just... I wouldn't say we've ever made obviously bad decisions at tribal council, because we've had lots of weak links from the start of this thing. The fact is none of us are strong anymore, and Ursula being our weakest link isn't obvious when our strongest cant even perform well.


Duana suggests that the group take the day to relax in order to pass the time, with the remaining six Rotu members proceed to talking about trivial subjects. Despite their best efforts, the group cant shake the dreary tone in their voices, all fearing that they'll be forced to oust their third member within the next 24 hours.

Talking as a tribe brings you back to the reality that everyone else here has their own lives, people they're playing this for... It's easy getting frustrated at these people, especially after last tribal, but I need to remember that like me they're here to play a game and to try and ultimately win. For my sake I need to keep a cool head, forgive them for leaving me out during the last vote, and to hope that going forward that Tish has got my back. I hope that everything we've been saying up to this point is true, because if not I'm in trouble next tribal. But something tells me Duana and Ursula are still lower than any of us in the pecking order.


Having got over my early illness I felt I needed to make up for lost time, because I really don't think our tribe knows each other that well. We're all split right now, and I don't think we can come together as a unite unless we try to... I've got so much about my life and about myself that I'd love to share, and although I did open up a bit I still do keep a lot of my personal life a secret. This game is about finding faults and reasons to turn on each other, and to say I'm gay to my tribe mates could be a reason for some of them to turn on me... I don't think they're like that, I really don't. It would be so refreshing just to talk about ex-girlfriends rather than to say "no I haven't found a boyfriend yet"... Or to talk about whets truly important to me. Right now I need to keep up my charade, but I pray for the strength to open up soon enough.


Day 9

The tribes receive tree mail informing them that they must prepare for their third immunity challenge, with Maraamu being told that two individuals must sit out from the challenge. The group opt to sit out Ryan and Troy, with Troy opting to sit out in hope that the tribe will lose the challenge, forcing them to go to tribal council. Rotu nervously prepare for the challenge, not wanting to oust their third member just nine days into the game.

It worries me that Troy is sitting out of the challenge today because he is the strongest guy on this tribe besides myself. On the bright side if we do lose this challenge we can finally put into motion with the removal of Ibrahim, who is proving himself to be quite a difficult person to work alongside in this game. I uh, I just don't trust him and the sooner he goes the sooner we can all feel more secure at camp.


This is a big day for not just the tribe but myself in particular. You know we lost the last four challenges and I know based on the previous vote that if we lose today my name will be coming up, and I don't feel confident that my kindness will see me escape for a second time.


Challenge: Coconut Maze Race
Each tribe would have five members moving a puzzle with a pulley system, and a caller telling their tribe members how to move it. After getting one coconut to the end of the maze, they would switch callers. The first tribe to get three coconuts through the maze would win.
Winner: Maraamu

Immunity Challenge: Coconut Maze Race
Result Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
Won Maraamu Ashley MarquesasDaisy MarquesasHillary MarquesasIbrahim MarquesasLotus MarquesasRandy Marquesas
Ashley, Daisy Hillary, Ibrahim, Lotus, Randy
Ryan MarquesasTroy Marquesas
Ryan, Troy
Lost Rotu Duana MarquesasJames MarquesasMartin MarquesasTish MarquesasUrsula MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Duana, James, Martin, Tish, Ursula, William


Having just lost their fifth consecutive challenge, the Rotu six return to camp, unable to hide their frustration and despair. James throws himself down in the shelter, with Tish lying next to him, wiping tears from her eyes. Ursula and Duana perch by the edge of the shelter, with Martin and William stood together, with the group looking towards the pair for guidance.

Quote1I really don't know what to say guys...Quote2- Martin
Quote1It was close... I mean its tough... I just want to say sorry for perhaps not calling out loud enough.Quote2- Ursula
Quote1No don't apologize... I mean hell me and Tish both struggled finding our way round.Quote2- Martin

Tish is seen rolling her eyes at Martin's comment, with James asking if she wants to take a walk, with the pair leaving the camp to talk privately amongst themselves.

Quitting isn't in my nature, but I've never been so desperate to run away from anything in my life. Its just so... so embarrassing to sit in this same position day after day, knowing that we're going to be such a laughing stock. Every time we lose someone our chances of winning decrease dramatically, and it makes me wonder whether or not I have a chance anymore. On top of that Martin had to call me out along with himself saying how he and I may have taken longer moving around the maze than others.


Quote1Alright, to make sure y'all don't cut me out of the vote this time, what you thinking?Quote2- James
Quote1The only person other than you I cant vote is William... out of the other three I'd be leaning towards Ursula.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Good... good.Quote2- James
Quote1But I cant help but find Martin difficult. Did you hear the comment he made after the challenge?Quote2- Tish
Quote1I think he was just making Ursula feel better, I mean I think as soon as we lost we all knew she was done.Quote2- James
Quote1I don't know... I'm getting bad vibes from that. You don't think he'll pull in the girls and William to come for me do you?Quote2- Tish
Paranoia seems to have come for Tish today, and she's concerned that she'll be voted out by Martin because of a really meaningless comment that Martin made. There's no explicit deal between myself, Martin and William but I feel us three guys do have an understanding, so if I can try and get them to speak with Tish to assure her it'll be Ursula tonight then I'm going to do it... I mean it doesn't even need to be a secret that Ursula is going, so if she needs to witness and hear this conversation... then she's welcome to oversee it.


Back at camp, Ursula decides to take the opportunity to plea her case to the other three tribe members. She opts to offer herself up as a loyal vote for the other three, feeling as though she is "less of a game player" than others. Martin walks off during Ursula's plea, claiming that they need to collect firewood to ensure a fire is burning for those who return to camp. William hesitantly follows Martin, leaving a deflated Ursula alone with Duana.

When someone gives you a slap in the face that obvious I can take the hint. You know, I'm a big girl... I can take it. But it gave me the realization that perhaps Martin was someone who I just cant connect with, and due to his role in the last two losses he may be a viable option for me to vote out of this game.


Quote1I think its me...Quote2- Ursula
Quote1We don't know that yet. I honestly think if its you I'll just... ugh.Quote2- Duana
Quote1No, its definitely me. The four of them are probably confirming it amongst themselves right now. You best go along and make sure you're in with it. This tribe isn't winning anytime soon and I want you to be here long after I'm gone.Quote2- Ursula
Out here for me... Ursula has been one of my closest friends on this tribe and one of my biggest support systems. To lose her today would... (she tears up and bites her lip) ... Its just the thought that I would be more alone out here than I already am. I think if Ursula goes and we lose again then I'll probably be next... this is more than losing my friend in the game, its losing a shield of protection too.


Elsewhere, Martin and William join Tish and James down the beach, quickly coming together to agree on who they should be voting out of the game.

Quote1To make this as quick as possible and to put our minds at rest... Ursula right?Quote2- James
Quote1Yeah, I mean that's what I was thinking.Quote2- Martin
Quote1Do we tell Duana?Quote2- Tish
Quote1I don't see why not, I mean this doesn't need to be sneaky.Quote2- Martin
Quote1I say we all just come together and discuss this. Let her enjoy her last day out here...Quote2- William
Tonight I'll be voting for my friend Ursula, who unfortunately doesn't have much hope now that the group has agreed that she is the best choice to leave the game. I feel since Alistair left as a group we've really bonded and come to like one another, and it makes this vote so much more painful because we're taking away someone's dream here... and someone who we like.


With tribal approaching, Tish continues feeling on edge, approaching Duana and Ursula whilst packing their bags to ask them about their thoughts. Tish mentions that she finds Martin difficult to talk to, which Ursula agrees with, claiming it is for that reason she's voting Martin out, feeling as though the others could work together on a more personal basis. Tish begins to ponder whether voting Ursula would truly be the wisest decision for the group, and whether or not Martin is too much of an enigma to keep around for the later stages of the game.

I cant help that tonight my mind is racing and my heart flutters each time I remember tribal council is moments away. It seems its come down to Ursula and Martin... and one moment we were all set on Ursula, but now I'm having second thoughts. Martin isn't someone I've ever directly worked with, whereas Ursula and I spoke in depth before last tribal, and I do have the ability to work further with her. I think tonight myself and James can determine where this vote goes, and whether or not we side with the girls or the boys... we've just got to look at the bigger picture.


Quote1Do you think this is the right decision...?Quote2- Tish
Quote1(sighs and shrugs) ... Not anymoreQuote2- James

At tribal council the group admit that they feel depleted after losing so many challenges, feeling as though the consecutive losses have brought them together as friends, but weakened them as competitors. When asked about the process to deciding on a vote, the group admit to being quite open, with Ursula admitting that the general consensus is that she will be going home, but that she has made a case for "someone else". Jeff asks the tribe what they feel will save them from being wiped out, with the unified answer being a tribe swap, surprising Jeff that the tribe has totally lost faith in itself. William speaks openly about his loss of optimism in the past days, but he suggests his hope may be restored once the tribe taste some form of victory. Before voting, Jeff asks the group who feels in danger, with only Ursula raising her hand, much to her own amusement. As Jeff collects the votes, the group generally look saddened as he reads them one by one.

Quote1First vote... Martin.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Ursula.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Ursula.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Ursula. That's three votes Ursula, one vote Martin.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... third person voted out of Survivor Marquesas... Ursula, you need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(nods) Good luck guys, I wish you all the luck in the world.Quote2- Ursula

Ursula hugs friend Duana goodbye, before blowing a kiss to her entire tribe as she takes her torch over to be snuffed. William wipes a tear from his cheek as Ursula leaves the tribal council area, clearly upset at the site of a positive force leaving the group.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Ursula Marquesas
Ursula (4 votes)
James MarquesasMartin MarquesasTish MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
James, Martin, Tish & William
Martin Marquesas
Martin (2 votes)
Duana MarquesasUrsula Marquesas
Duana & Ursula
Ursula Marquesas Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Martin, I know tonight you're not going home, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for Ursula. I hope you understand.


I started this process unable to stand you, but now that you're leaving I can see you're not such a bad person after all.


You're a stand up woman Ursula, but unfortunately we aint got no wriggle room right now and its gotta be you headin' home.


Felt like an easy vote tonight. Our girl power didn't last long, but thankfully it didn't need to and I could get back with the ones I trusted first.


Martin, you're a lovely guy and its been a pleasure having you share this experience with me. I'd say its either you or me, but we all know its me.


You are perhaps one of the kindest, most genuine and caring souls I've met out here, and its such a shame that tonight your light will be going out in the game. I hope you and I can meet after this, because to have you in any of our lives would be a gift worth having... God bless.


Final Words

No surprises tonight. We all sat down before tribal council and it was made clear I would be the one going home, and I just took some time to say goodbye to this beautiful but barren place. I'm going to miss these guys so much because they've really been much kinder than I ever thought, particularly in keeping this fat old lady for a whole nine days. I want to wish Duana luck, and I hope that my departure doesnt bring an end to her journey, because she deserves this so much...


Still In The Running

Ashley Marquesas
Daisy Marquesas
Hillary Marquesas
Ibrahim Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas
Randy Marquesas
Ryan Marquesas
Troy Marquesas
Alistair Marquesas Eliminated
Duana Marquesas
James Marquesas
Martin Marquesas
Tish Marquesas
Ursula Marquesas Eliminated
William Marquesas
Yuzuki Marquesas Eliminated

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