"His Physicality is Dangerous"
Outback Ep 9
Season Survivor: The Australian Outback
Episode Number 9/13 (022)
First Broadcast October 26, 2014
Episode Chronology
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His Physicality is Dangerous is the ninth episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 24 (Night)

The final eight return to the merged camp having just voted out Neil, making him the first member of the jury. Now down two members, the three remaining ex-Kucha's place fake smiles on as they return to camp, all wanting to remain in the ex-Ogakor's good books, knowing that they could easily be the next one to go. Despite remaining in the majority, Curt remains bitter at not having his way, as he wanted Alia to be the next voted out, whilst Clarity and Victor pushed for Neil's elimination.

Tonight things went the way that I wanted them to go. I don't want to pride myself as the leader in this group, but I know I definitely have a big say on what does and what doesn't go on here. Curt is probably my closest ally in terms of someone who is on the same wavelength as me, but he proved himself to be a liability in throwing a temper over our wishes differing. It makes me worry that our group wont stick together, as now all four other members of my alliance have given me these worries that they could just... snap.


Curt pulls his tribe together, telling them that he's fine with the overall outcome, but he's extremely disappointed in the way they "ganged up" on him. Curt heads to sleep with the three Kucha members, leaving his alliance alone by the fire. Farrell, Clarity, Ned and Victor begin to pack up for the night, with Victor particularly nervous on where things will go.

I think we've reached this point in the game where things are likely to change again. Ogakor have a comfortable majority over the other three, meaning that if we lost one of our own... We'd still hold the power. The problem is any one of us leaving could cause the "alliance" to fragment. For me the best option would be to get rid of Reniero next... he's won two immunities and has shown himself to be a threat. If for some reason he wasn't able to leave... Then I'd once again consider voting out one of "my own"... I don't feel the members of Ogakor were particularly friendly to me in my time out here... So they couldn't blame me if I did vote them off... Curt seems to be really losing it out here, and the others are seeing it too. Maybe it wouldn't be hard to convince them to get rid of him for all our sakes. That way I avoid being the single Judas of the tribe... and instead we call all play a part in sending him home.


Day 25

The final eight struggle to do chores around camp, with their food supply running low, and the stormy weather making fishing difficult. Victor, Reniero, Curt and Farrell work on collecting wood, worried that incoming rain could prevent them from having dry firewood. Clarity, Alia, Carlson and Ned remain in the shelter, with the duo from Kucha seeing it as a perfect opportunity to conjure up a plan against one of the other three Ogakor members.

As we were sat in the shelter while the workaholics all went off to their retreat... Myself and Alia thought that it was about time we got something going because if we wait any longer we'll be the ones sitting on the jury next. Clarity and Ned are two people that we feel could potentially change things up in the game... Clarity being the lone girl in that group... Ned being one of the lone nice people... It meant that talking to them meant something... Because I don't think Alia or myself expect Curt or Farrell to jump at the opportunity to turn on their own. Victor so far has been unreliable for us... He's spoken about wanting to flip but so far hasn't... So its the time to work on the rest... I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket.


Quote1I don't feel bad about it...Quote2- Alia
Quote1About what?Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Helping push Neil out of here...Quote2- Alia
Quote1I don't underst-...Quote2- Clarity
Quote1When I was with Victor... I basically told him all the c**p Neil had done back at Kucha, and how he was our leader... I used facts to help get him out of here... It was him or me... I don't feel bad about it...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Oh... right. I'm not quite sure where you're going with this (laughs)Quote2- Clarity
Quote1I'm just saying... it is clear that both myself and Carlson want to stay in this game... We know that you probably realize you have the power.Quote2- Alia
Quote1You're the people we need to talk to...Quote2- Carlson
Quote1You guys as an alliance can sit together happily until final five... But you'll have made several poor mistakes... Farrell and Curt know they're not well liked, so they'll probably stick together until the end... They go off together all the time! That should be enough to show you. Guarantee yourselves the power when you reach the final few by voting one of them off next... You've seen how freakin' mad Curt gets... Who is to say that he wont snap and turn on one of you guys?!Quote2- Alia
When Carlson and Alia basically begged for my help I was just embarrassed for them. They weren't in any way prepared... they had a terrible argument as to why we should help them... Its no wonder they're in this position because they have no idea how to play this.


Quote1I'm going to have to stop you there Alia because I really cant believe what I'm hearing. You don't know anything about our alliance and how it works so please don't comment on it. I have my own power in the alliance to prevent that from occurring... We have thought of this... You're not having a bright spark and realizing that we've screwed up, because we haven't... at least I haven't (laughs)Quote2- Clarity
Quote1I... Uh... Its tough because I do think you have a point. But I think what we're saying is when someone like Reniero is still in the game... Y'know you want people like that out of here. If he can keep winning challenges then one of you guys might have to go because we want to keep a big advantage in numbers.Quote2- Ned
Quote1No we will keep a total advantage... I'm sorry guys but this is something that I see going until the final five... So, I'll have to remove myself from this conversation. (stands up and leaves)Quote2- Clarity
Clarity tried to make myself and Carlson look like fools by shutting us down so harshly. We might not have a good point to get her to flip... That's probably true. She's a nasty cold b**ch who fits in perfectly with Farrell and Curt because no one wants to see her win. Ned, as nice of a guy as he is doesn't seem to possess a spine... Leaving our fate back in Victors hands. I have confidence in Victor... I believe he can and will help us eventually... But we're running out of time. If Reniero wins the next immunity challenge then I have to try and work my way into a position where an Ogakor goes home... If Reniero doesn't win then worst case scenario is he goes, which all in all isn't THAT bad.


Clarity walks up to Farrell, Curt, Reniero and Victor, who are standing together collecting water. She walks up with a smug look on her face, ready to tell them about Alia's scheming back at camp.

Quote1What's up?Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Not much... just that girl is scheming again...Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Who? Alia?Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Yep. Trying to tell me and Ned that we should flip and vote out you next...Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Me!? Really!? (laughs) I don't get why they're out for me...Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Wait... So she's back there right now talking about us!? Talking to Ned!?Quote2- Curt
Quote1Mmmmhm.Quote2- Clarity
Quote1No way am I standing for that... Wanna go call her out in front of all of us?Quote2- Curt
Quote1No point... We'll show her up by sending her home next. This time I give you permission to do it Curt (laughs, before looking at Reniero) ... You should join us too in voting her out, I mean she's not exactly fighting to keep you safe, just her and Carlson.Quote2- Clarity
I don't know what's angering me more... The fact that I've been proved right about that Alia running her mouth all the time... Or the fact that Clarity seems to think she controls me! ME! I mean does she not realize that I am my own man?! Do the others not realize this!? I refuse to stay in this game with people assuming that I'm just working under her of all people.


When I offered to go and get water I didn't expect to end up in this weird witch hunt against Alia. I like Alia, I've been around her since day one... I know what she's like and I don't find her threatening, because I feel she genuinely does like me. If I have to I'll join them in voting her out, but I don't want to make that a done deal... I'd much rather stick with her because I think she's someone who'll look out for me, unlike Carlson who seems to be sliding his way through this game... But since getting to the merge I've realized the only thing I need to keep me safe is immunity round my neck... and I intend to keep winning in order to reach the final two.


As the others return to camp Clarity makes several comments exposing Alia, who takes little to no interest in what she's saying. Victor remains extremely quiet throughout the day, nervous as to what Alia's sudden strategy might mean for his own position, as she could have now turned her back on him. The tribe manage to catch a single fish despite the rough waters, and try to make the most of the little amount of food they have remaining.

Day 26

The tribe awakens to news that they will be facing a very special reward challenge, in which the winner will receive a trip to The Great Barrier Reef, where they will receive a feast and a day of snorkeling. Tree mail informs the tribe that they must all pair up, and that the winning pair will go on the reward. Everyone begins to pick their partner, with the group deciding on the following pairs; Clarity and Curt, Farrell and Ned, Carlson and Victor, Alia and Reniero.

Originally I was going to go with Carlson for this... At which point I realized that Reniero would be going off with someone from Ogakor. This raised the issue that someone else could cause him to accept voting me or Carlson out... Also I wanted to make sure that Victor or Ned was paired with myself or Carlson, because then if that pair won we could continue to work on them, hopefully getting something out of it.


Challenge: Double Play
The eight remaining Barramundi members will be divided into four groups of two. They will then traverse a 3-leg obstacle course. The winners of the first two races compete against each other in the third race to determine the final winner.
Reward: A trip via helicopter to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef, where the winning twosome enjoys a feast of delicious food and a day of snorkeling.
Winner: Carlson and Victor

Reward Challenge: Double Play
Result Winners 2nd 3rd
Castaway Carlson OutbackVictor Outback
Carlson & Victor
Farrell OutbackNed Outback
Farrell & Ned
Alia OutbackReniero Outback
Alia & Reniero
Clarity OutbackCurt Outback
Clarity & Curt

Carlson and Victor head off to their reward immediately, with the other six individuals feeling envious over losing the once in a lifetime reward. Upon arriving at the reward, Carlson and Victor both go snorkeling, taking their minds off the game for a short period, allowing themselves to enjoy their surroundings.

Having the opportunity to go snorkeling was just incredible. I've never been able to do anything like this in my life... So to have this treat was... mind-blowing. I've never seen a place so beautiful... Its really opened my eyes to the world and shown me that there is more in the world... Life doesn't have to be an urban city environment... A lot of beauty is natural and its something that I've come to appreciate out here. After swimming myself and Victor sat down to this feast which was just... divine. But I know that this game isn't to be enjoyed... I'm not in a position where I can just sit around and enjoy myself... I have to keep working because I want to be here on day 39 receiving enough votes to grant me a million dollars.


Quote1Any more thought on what you'd want to do at the next tribal? Or are you just going to continue playing it safe until they take you out?Quote2- Carlson
Quote1(laughs) I have given it thought... Honestly I have... It's tough because with Reniero still in this game it means that the chance of me flipping is slim. If I was to give you an honest answer it'd be that I'll happily vote with you guys at the final seven... Right now I don't think its the wisest thing...Quote2- Victor
Quote1But numbers... Numbers are a major issue. You wait until final seven that's three against four... There'd be no point by then... You'd just look silly to Alia and myself... and your "alliance" would just view you as a rat.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1So what, you don't think I should flip at all? Remember I'm putting MY game on the line here... Its not so simple that I can just screw it all up.Quote2- Victor
Quote1Unless you have someone else on Ogakor willing to vote... You need to do it this tribal... and Curt needs to be the target. That way in a tiebreaker he'll be the one going home... he's had more votes then anyone else in this game.Quote2- Carlson
Carlson raised some good points about me flipping to their side come next tribal... It's tough because there are so many individuals in this game that I'd like to go home it becomes impossible to take them all out. Reniero needs to go because he's a major threat physically.... Curt needs to go because he's a loose cannon... Clarity and Farrell need to go because neither of them would be loyal to me come final five... I don't know if flipping would be necessary at this point... But as Carlson said, I don't want to do it in vain next tribal council because I'll likely end up on the minority anyway... But unless one of my fellow Ogakor members is willing to change things up this tribal, it looks like Kucha might have to go one by one... Then that's me in fifth place... (sighs)


Back at camp, the other six competitors sit by the shelter, with Clarity bitching about Victor, feeling its unfair that he's won both rewards since the merge. Alia and Reniero sit quietly in the shelter, talking amongst themselves, deciding to discuss their lives back at home as opposed to strategy.

Quote1Curt you really hurt me during that...Quote2- Clarity
Quote1During what?Quote2- Curt
Quote1The challenge... You were dragging me through that man... Look at my legs.Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Well I wouldn't have to do that if you were a bit more able...Quote2- Curt
Quote1I'm perfectly able Curt... You're just too aggressive in these things.Quote2- Clarity
Curt was way too rough on me during that challenge... There was no way we could win and he started dragging me through the dirt... I picked him because he's my closest ally! But instead he constantly shoves it back in my face...


Clarity continues to really push my buttons. She complains about every little thing... She is far too comfortable in this game, and thinks she has the right to talk to me like dirt!? Who does she think she is!? I didn't want to listen to her, so I walked off... I don't care if it puts a target on my back... I don't care if Ned and Farrell look down at me too... They want to provoke me, then I'll happily strike!


Alia and Reniero sit and watch as Curt storms off. Clarity begins talking about Curt to Ned and Farrell, mentioning that he has become a serious liability. Farrell agrees, while Ned states that he's just upset about the reward, and they shouldn't find his behavior surprising. Reniero and Alia listen in to the conversation, feeling that Ogakor's frequent arguing could mean they are able to work a way back into the game.

I think Ogakor continue to act this way on purpose... They cant be that stupid, can they? Clarity gave us ammunition to use against Curt, whilst giving us some to use against herself. Maybe now Clarity will listen to us about getting Curt out of here... Or maybe we should let her stay in the grave she dug for herself yesterday... Maybe we should go to Curt... He's completely insane, so maybe he's the perfect candidate to shake things up.


Carlson and Victor return post their reward where they are greeted warmly by Reniero and Alia. Curt pulls Victor over to talk with him, stating that Victor is the only member of Ogakor that he trusts and feels close with, much to the surprise of Victor. The group finish up small chores around camp, with Farrell, Ned and Clarity still remaining worried about Curt's behavior. Alia, Reniero and Carlson talk amongst themselves, filling each other in on what occurred whilst the other wasn't around. The three try to think up a plan to oust one of the Ogakor members, knowing that they cant lose one of their own come next tribal, as it would seal their fates in the game.

Day 27

The group receive tree mail informing them of their next immunity challenge. All eight members wish to win the challenges, despite all five Ogakor members admitting that they don't feel at risk. Carlson, although feeling less of a target than Alia and Reniero, still wishes to win the challenge in order to have more to gloat about at the final tribal council.

Today our targets are Reniero and Alia. Its good that both of these are in danger because no matter if one of them wins we can still send the other home.


I do feel at risk at the moment, especially considering Reniero is the other Kucha member in danger... And he's bound to beat me in the challenge today, maybe even winning it again. If he does win then there's not much I can do apart from kick up as much dirt as possible... Hopefully getting someone else out of here.


Challenge: Hanging in the Balance
Part 1: Know Your Ropes
Each member of a pair stands on a platform in the water and uses a rope to cause the opponent to lose balance and to fall in the water. The winners of this competition proceed to the next.
Part 2: Rock the Boat
Each member of a pair rocks an unsteady beam above the water back and forth, attempting to force the opponent to fall off. The winners proceed to the final competition.In the final round, "Sinking Ship," each person in a pair uses a rope to cause the opponent to fall off an unsteady wooden raft in the water.
Winner: Reniero

Immunity Challenge: Hanging in the Balance
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 5th
Castaway Reniero Outback
Victor Outback
Clarity OutbackNed Outback
Clarity & Ned
Alia OutbackCarlson OutbackCurt OutbackFarrell Outback
Alia, Carlson, Curt & Farrell
Round Breakdown
Round Winner Loser
Round 1 Reniero Outback
Carlson Outback
Ned Outback
Curt Outback
Victor Outback
Farrell Outback
Clarity Outback
Alia Outback
Round 2 Victor Outback
Clarity Outback
Reniero Outback
Ned Outback
Round 3 Reniero Outback
Victor Outback

The Barramundi tribe return from the immunity challenge, where Reniero just won his third straight immunity. The whole group congratulates Reniero, unable to hide the disappointment in their voices. The groups immediately split, with the Ogakor tribe members going off to get confirmation on who they're voting out.

Quote1We're all set on Alia?Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Yes, you gave me permission remember...Quote2- Curt
Quote1(laughs) Yeah I remember...Quote2- Clarity
Quote1You're good with the vote Victor?Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Yeah, yeah I'm fine.Quote2- Victor
Quote1Ok... So do we tell them or not?Quote2- Ned
Quote1No, lets leave it as a surprise. I don't want her to know she's definitely going until her names pulled out (laughs)Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Cold (laughs)Quote2- Farrell
Reniero won immunity which is a shame as it just makes him seem like even more of a threat... But the positive side is that we can send Alia home, who has just driven me up the wall since she came strolling into Ogakor with Chelsie by her side.


Back at the shelter, the three Ogakor members sit together, trying to quickly work out a plan to save Alia or Carlson, trying to set their sites on either Curt or Clarity.

It's now three to nothing for Reniero. I've won all the immunity challenges so far and I intend to keep winning... I don't think I need to worry too much about Alia or Carlson, because them going home doesn't bother me that much... But I need to think about votes... Logically it would be best to keep them... Because I would like to have people on my side... We decided to get talking to Ned and Victor, two people we think could possibly help us... I went over to Ned to talk about getting Curt out of the game.


Reniero sits with Ned, discussing the removal of Curt, who he states is leading a dictatorship over the other Ogakor members, and despite his attitude, he could get praise off a jury for controlling his whole tribe. Ned begins to realize that he isn't playing the best possible game by sitting with his alliance until the end. Reniero highlights that both Ned and Victor are being viewed as nicer, which Clarity, Farrell and Curt are aware of, and that they would likely vote them out at the final five because it would give them a better chance to win the game.

Reniero did raise some good points... He basically told me what Alia had said, but worded it better... Uh... I am actually going to talk to Victor before tribal tonight... I don't know what is going to go down... Maybe it'll be a simple vote... Maybe we will turn things on Curt...


Alia and Carlson talk with Victor, with Alia trying to throw as much dirt onto Clarity as possible, letting Victor know about her constant complaining and arguments with Curt. Victor states that it would be easier to get Curt out, as he has annoyed a majority of his own tribe, where as Clarity has backing from all the others.

Quote1We should do Curt then. Cause the tie if you have to... He's going home because he's got what... Thirteen past votes?Quote2- Alia
Quote1Where as you and I have one or two...Quote2- Carlson
Quote1If someone else is willing to do Curt tonight... I'll happily go through with it...Quote2- Victor
Quote1Why wont you flip on your own!? Victor you need to have your own brain in this game!Quote2- Alia
Quote1I do... But you're being ignorant to the fact I'm not here to help you win, I'm here to win myself!Quote2- Victor
I am worried by Victor's lack of... independence in this game. I do feel majorly at risk now because... Well... It doesn't look good for my position now that Reniero won immunity. Right now we're voting for Curt, and hoping that Victor at least causes the tie... Hopefully Ned will flip over too because if he doesn't it will be me going, because Victor doesn't have the guts to make a move.


Victor goes off, speaking with Ned about the prospect of voting out Curt. Ned seems unsure, with Victor trying to persuade him to do it. After speaking for several minutes, the two come to a conclusion, separating to get ready for tribal council.

Just spoke to Ned, and the two of us came to a decision. I do feel bad when thinking about my relationship with Alia... I condemned Farrell for getting a friendship with Laurencia, then breaking it by voting her out... I don't want to be the hypocrite who does the same thing... It does suck in this game because being social does put you in a bad position.


Curt sits alone by the water, throwing rocks across the surface. Victor walks over to check on his tribe member, who appears emotionally upset, with Curt crying for the first time in twenty seven days.

I'm angry... I'm angry at how my tribe have treated me after all this time... I don't feel I deserve to be spoken to, or viewed as this... Piece of dirt. I've done so much for them. I just hope they can go back to how they were... But I don't know if they will... I don't know if they'll ever be able to... Unless shown that they don't have power over me. I call the shots! I always have and I will continue to do so...


Quote1Dont feel down...Quote2- Victor
Quote1I just don't know how much longer I can do this... She's really put me at my edge... I'm just thankful I have you by my side...Quote2- Curt

The group head off to tribal council, where Jeff questions them on their lack of food. He tells the tribe that they will have he chance to earn more in the future, which puts a smile on most members faces. Carlson and Alia both admit that they feel at risk, and that they wouldn't be surprised to join Neil on the jury. Alia mentions that her and the other "outcasts" had put a plan in place, but that things majorly changed, and that hope has been somewhat restored, although she wouldn't be surprised to see things continue to remain "boring", with her or Carlson leaving. Clarity discusses the issues that Alia has caused at camp, mentioning her scheming against Ogakor members, and her own, calling her out for "turning" on Neil, which is met with confusion by the silent jury member. When asked who feels at risk, only Carlson and Alia place their hands up, stating that Ogakor are "too comfortable" in the game. Curt admits that he feels betrayed by his fellow members, particularly those he had looked out for and treated well in the past. After Curt finishes his rant on his alliances behavior, Jeff signals the start of the vote, beginning with Farrell. Each member confidently writes down a name, with only Ned hesitating, before reluctantly writing down a name. As Jeff begins to reveal the votes, Alia is left disappointed at three votes against her coming out first. However, things suddenly take a drastic change, with the next three votes cast against Clarity, who remains somewhat confused, although confident that it was just Kucha's votes. Clarity's confidence is shattered, as the next two votes are revealed, having been cast against herself. A blindsided Clarity slowly walks towards Jeff, unsure as to what had just occurred. Farrell quickly scans his fellow tribe members, seeing smug looks on the faces of the Kucha members, and his own ally Curt, who had flipped the game on Clarity, giving Victor the confidence that someone would jump ship with him, changing the vote at the last second. The final seven return to camp, with the Kucha three gaining new confidence that the game has changed for good.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Clarity Outback
Clarity (5 votes)
Alia OutbackCarlson OutbackCurt Outback
Reniero OutbackVictor Outback
Alia, Carlson, Curt, Reniero & Victor
Alia Outback
Alia (3 votes)
Clarity OutbackFarrell OutbackNed Outback
Clarity, Farrell & Ned
Clarity Outback Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

I haven't been so excited to cast a vote before. If you don't go home I'll be bitterly disappointed because this would be a brilliant blindside


One minute we're voting Curt, the next minute we find out its going to be you.


You don't like me, I don't like you. Your pitiful attempt at stirring up the game backfired horribly, and I hope you realize this tonight as you walk away from here empty handed.


This is the groups eye opener that you don't run me... You wanted to act like you were the leader? Well this should show you up. The only thing you were ever in charge of was Georgia... As soon as she left, so did your purpose.


You've had an attitude since we merged, and its not gained you any friends out here.


I was tempted to write down Curt, but myself and Victor couldn't agree on it at the time... Sadly its got to be you.


You're nice to look at... That's the only compliment I can honestly pay you...


I've been deliberating about switching up this game for a while, and tonight I finally feel as though its time. You've made others feel horrible, you've made me feel horrible... You pushed everyone a little too far, and tonight you'll pay for it.


Final Words

I'm shocked. I am seriously shocked... I don't know what else you want me to say because I wasn't expecting this... My stuffs sitting back at camp... None of us packed our bags... Ogakor members that is. What the hell... Uh, I guess it was Victor and Ned? I honestly have nothing to say other then I hope they get what's coming to them.


Still In The Running

Alia Outback
Carlson Outback
Chelsie Outback Eliminated
Cindra Outback Eliminated
Mitchell Outback Eliminated
Neil Outback Eliminated
Reniero Outback
Rose Outback Eliminated
Clarity Outback Eliminated
Curt Outback
Farrell Outback
Georgia Outback Eliminated
Johna Outback Eliminated
Laurencia Outback Eliminated
Ned Outback
Victor Outback

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