"Her Inconsistencies Scare Me"
Africa Ep 12
Season Survivor: Africa
Episode Number 12/13 (038)
First Broadcast April 4, 2015
Episode Chronology
Previous Music To My Ears
Next Everything Has Come Full Circle

Her Inconsistencies Scare Me is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Africa.


Day 33 (Night)

The final five return to camp having just voted out Marsha, leaving Abbas as the only original Boran member left in the game.

Tonight things went my way. Well, my way in terms of it being myself or Marsha. Had I held any true power she'd still be here because now my hope rests in the hands of David. He mentioned yesterday that he wanted to split up Ingrid and Adela, so hopefully he'll keep to his word and one of them will be heading home next. Although I wont count on anything.


Quote1She played one hell of a game.Quote2- David
Quote1She did...Quote2- Adela
Quote1Not a great one by the end of it... but you've got to hand it to her, she played hard.Quote2- David
Quote1All the more reason to be glad she's gone.Quote2- Luigno
Quote1Absolutely.Quote2- David
Marsha warned myself and Ingrid that if we voted her, that one of us would go next. I decided the smartest thing to do was to send Marsha home anyway, because there was nothing I could really do to save her. I am concerned that there is an element of truth to what she said. I know for a fact that David and Abbas have some kind of a deal, but I'm unaware how strong it is... Hopefully David doesn't play this stupidly and he sticks to the alliance. Marsha was almost a shield that I could hide behind, and now I'm exposed as the threatening female player.


The group head to sleep, all ready to get strategizing the next day, knowing that a spot in the final two is less than a week away.

Day 34

The final five sit around the fire, all feeling both physically and emotionally drained after spending thirty-four days in the wild.

Today we're all feeling it. Our bodies just ache from sleeping on the ground for so long... We're starving... I mean my ribs are practically cutting through my skin. We all miss home... I think today especially because its Luigino's wedding anniversary, so him talking about that has really reminded us all what we're missing.


Quote1How about we all go wash ourselves...?Quote2- David
Quote1Doesnt that sound fun...Quote2- Adela
Quote1Its better than sitting here moping. C'mon... we could all use baths...Quote2- David
Quote1Yeah especially you (laughs)Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Exactly! C'mon guys... Everyone up... Before one of us breaks down.Quote2- David
I saw everyone was pretty down today. Luigino looked like he was about to just collapse. I thought maybe I should get us all moving and take our minds off things. We're only five days away from the end of this... And it really puts our length of stay into perspective.


The group all head off to the watering hole together, where they find an unwanted surprise; a pile of elephant dung.

Quote1Jesus Christ...Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Gosh Marsha really was mad with us (laughs)Quote2- David
Quote1There goes the idea of us washing...Quote2- Adela
Quote1There goes me drinking for a while...Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Well I'm still getting in...Quote2- Ingrid

Ingrid strips down to her underwear and gets into the water, washing next to the pile of elephant feces, much to the horror of her tribe mates.

She was bathing in s**t... I knew she was bats**t but I didn't think she'd bathe in elephant s**t!


Quote1Ingrid you are crazy (laughs)Quote2- Adela
Quote1Hey I cant get any dirtier...Quote2- Ingrid
Ingrid just doesn't have a care in the world. Its not a bad thing, especially in Survivor... Out here for me there's too much to care about. Ingrid must find this much easier in that respect.


After returning to camp, the group discover they have received tree mail. Expecting it to be news on the reward challenge, they are shocked to see they have actually received letters from home. Ingrid and Adela burst into tears before they even open their letters, with Luigino too becoming emotional. The group separate to read their letters in private. David reads his from his parents, laughing and shedding a few tears as he finishes it. Ingrid cries hysterically as she reads it out loud to herself, taking a long time to read due to stopping to wipe her tears after every line. Adela reads hers from her mother and father, crying in a similar fashion to Ingrid. Abbas and Luigino both shed tears whilst reading, feeling the emotional strain of being away from their wives and children.

Reading a letter from my wife and son really makes me want this win more than ever before. Now that I've reached this stage I feel even more pressure to win... (holds up his letter) for them. I want my son to be proud of his dad.


Today is my uh... (stops and begins to cry) .. Uh... Today is my wedding anniversary... I've been married for thirty three years. I mean that's longer than David, Adela and Abbas have all been alive. A long, long time. I've got more to lose I feel. It's nice to hear from my wife... I just feel bad that I cant write back to her... Tell her how much I love her... Spoil her with gifts and a nice dinner... I just cant bare thinking she's alone today.


After reading their letters individually, the group comes together to read their letters aloud, with Ingrid once again unable to read, getting Abbas to finish it for her. The tribe sit and discuss their families, bonding over the fact they all miss the same thing.

This has been one of the most emotional days for us as a group since we arrived in Africa. You know we never forget those we love, and to have these letters today served as a reminder that we're not only playing for ourselves... but we're playing for other people who are relying on us to bring home the win. It was nice to just sit and talk about our families and to not have anyone stirring the pot. Today has been the first true break from the paranoia since about day three.


Day 35

The group receive tree mail informing them that they will be participating in their final reward challenge. Upon arrival, Jeff tells the group that he will reveal what they're playing for after the challenge.

When Jeff doesn't want to reveal the reward you know its something big.


I wanted to know what we were playing for. My bet is something to do with a loved one... maybe a car?


Challenge: Swahili Scramble
Working from a list, Survivors had to find Swahili words hidden in letters on their boards. Each word intersected with another, sharing a letter. When all 9 words were circled, the Survivors had to unscramble the 9 intersecting letters and discover the answer to a given clue. First one to do so would be the winner.
Reward: A brand new car, a Chevy Avalanche.
Winner: Luigino

Reward Challenge: Swahili Scramble
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway Luigino Africa
Abbas AfricaAdela AfricaDavid AfricaIngrid Africa
Abbas, Adela, David & Ingrid

After winning the reward, Luigino is eager to discover what his prize will be. He drops to his knees as Jeff reveals the reward is a brand new Chevy Avalanche that he will be able to use after the game. Luigino is then told that he will delivering a years worth of medical goods to Wamba hospital, in an attempt to help battle the AIDS crisis effecting much of Kenya. Ingrid begins to become emotional, mentioning that one of her friends died of AIDS during the eighties. Jeff is driven to Wamba hospital by Luigino in his brand new Chevy Avalanche, with the other four contestants heading back to the Moto Maji camp.

After getting the letter from home yesterday, and now winning this, whilst being given the opportunity to give back to the people who have allowed us to live in their country for the last thirty days... its a wonderful experience.


Quote1I suppose it is getting tougher now there's so few of us left.Quote2- Luigino
Quote1Glad you did it?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Absolutely. Its still about winning... but the prize actually seems less important the further I've come in the game.Quote2- Luigino

After arriving at the hospital, Luigino and Jeff begin handing their supplies to a doctor, who just like Luigino happens to be Italian. Luigino and the doctor immediately get along, talking in their native language whilst Jeff watches on. After handing out the supplies, Luigino is given a tour of the hospital, where he is able to meet some of the young patients who have been diagnosed with AIDS. Luigino becomes emotional during his tour, sitting and talking to several of the children, who he says remind him of his own children when they were young.

What are the odds in the middle of Kenya I'll be having a conversation in Italian? (laughs) There was definitely... obviously... an emotional side to this trip. Its hard to look at another human being suffering, knowing there's very little as an individual you can do for them. What they need is the medical supplies... But had I not been given them by Jeff I wouldn't know where to begin ... I think there's definitely more to giving than receiving... If I'm smiling after this its because I was able to do something to help... not because I won a car.


Back at camp, the other four contestants sit and discuss Luigino winning the car, with David joking that "we cant let him win the game now". Soon after returning, David and Abbas go off to collect some firewood, leaving Ingrid and Adela back at camp.

Quote1If Abbas wins today... We're voting Luigino right?Quote2- Adela
Quote1I'd say David. He's the one scheming...Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1But David's been good to us this whole time. We schemed against him... not him against us...Quote2- Adela
Quote1And? We need to think about winning, not avoiding hurting David's feelings. He wasn't exactly good to me when I got put on Boran.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1I wasn't there though.Quote2- Adela
Quote1Exactly, you weren't...Quote2- Ingrid
I understand how Marsha felt now. Adela was all for voting out David, but when it comes to actually doing it she chickens out. I don't know if its beause she's intimidated by David... or if she genuinely has other arrangements. I cant work with her if I think she's going to take David further than me in this game... and I do believe that's what she'll do.


Adela leaves Ingrid, finding their chat uncomfortable, going to find David and Abbas, who are in the midst of discussing their plans for the next tribal council. David decides to come clean to Adela, admitting that he'd like to vote of Ingrid next.

I feel as though we may as well tell Adela about the vote to get rid of Ingrid. If she resists then I'll know she's not with us. If she joins us then great... Ingrid goes home and I keep my final two in tact.


Adela claims that she'd be ok with that, feeling as though Ingrid's loyalties aren't solid to anyone, and that she is unpredictable going forward in the game. Abbas gives the traditional "as long as its not me" line, happy to make the deal with Adela and David to get Ingrid out next. Adela then goes on to reveal that Ingrid was targeting David, feeling as though he's a threat, which greatly annoys David, only making him more eager to vote her out.

I do feel really bad that I threw Ingrid under the bus, but she was being difficult. I don't know where her head is at. She didn't work with us at final ten, then she joins us... She says Marsha is her closest ally... Then votes her out... She doesn't tell me my name came up... Now she wants to get rid of David despite me wanting Luigino out... I don't want to be added to the long list of people duped by Ingrid, so I have no choice but to go after her next. This is all just in case Abbas wins immunity. If Abbas I vulnerable I'll see if I can get rid of him, and I hope David and Lui do the same... Either way I think Ingrid is in serious trouble... Once David's mind is set on something its hard to take him away from it.


When people said Samburu were the strategically savvy group I believed them. But its become more and more apparent that they are... in reality... very clumsy. David opts to bring me into the fold when he really doesn't need me. If he was clever he'd realize that with Adela on board he doesn't need my vote anymore.. This all girls alliance never came into fruition but David still fears it... Despite the fact half of the "alliance" is sat on the jury. Adela then comes over and reveals who Ingrid is targeting, before joining the witch hunt against Ingrid. Now I've got the power to warn Ingrid about this, and see if I can get rid of David... Its a riskier move, but it'll pay off more than voting out Ingrid will.


Day 36

The final five receive tree mail informing them that they will be facing their next immunity challenge. Knowing that winning the next challenge would guarantee them a spot in the final four, everyone intends to give their all in order to win the challenge, will less places to hide if they're vulnerable at tribal council.

Today is the biggest challenge for me in the game. Every new challenge is the biggest one, because its all I can rely on to take me forward. Ingrid is firmly on the chopping block, so I suppose I have that safety net if things don't go my way today.


After winning the last challenge I have a uh, kind of... Pressure to prove that I am a physical threat despite my age. I definitely think I'm in with a shot.


Challenge:Second Chance'
The castaways must traverse an obstacle course built from elements from past challenges of the season. First person to traverse it would win.
Winner: Abbas

Immunity Challenge: Second Chance
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway Abbas Africa
Adela AfricaDavid AfricaIngrid AfricaLuigino Africa
Adela, David, Ingrid & Luigino

The group return to camp with Abbas wearing the immunity necklace, ecstatic at guaranteeing himself a position in the final four. Adela, Ingrid and Luigino all look visibly disappointed, having prioritized getting rid of Abbas next.

I'm on cloud nine right now. I wasn't firmly the target to go home, but I knew the possibility of it happening was massive. To win this I've made sure that someone from Samburu is going tonight, and that they will form cracks amongst themselves... That means if I do lose the next challenge, it'll be a lot easier to infiltrate the group because one of the two supposed duo's is going to end up at the bottom of the totem pole.


With the four Samburu members gathering their belongings, Adela mimes the name Ingrid to David, who nods, with Abbas nodding along, letting them know he's still interested in going forward with their plan. Luigino walks over to David, hoping to be informed which girl they plan to vote out. During this, Abbas is approached by Ingrid, who wants to work out where the vote is going now that he's immune.

Quote1Who's the vote?Quote2- Luigino
Quote1Ingrid. Adela and Abbas are in on it...Quote2- David
Quote1Really? You don't wanna do Adela? We can easily take her out tonight and its our perfect opportunity.Quote2- Luigino
Quote1She's with us... Ingrid is... I don't know where her head is at. Just vote Ingrid ok?Quote2- David
Quote1... Sure.Quote2- Luigino
Tonight is not the night for Luigino to start questioning my decisions. He's listened to me for thirty six days... He cant suddenly feel the need to think solely for himself.


We have the perfect opportunity to get rid of Adela, a big threat, at tonight's tribal council. David shows that he doesn't put me as his priority in terms of alliance member. He makes deals with Abbas, then makes deals with Adela... If I go forward with him and vote out Ingrid, and Abbas wins the next immunity challenge... I could be in big trouble. I cant sit around and let David control everything because I need to make a case for myself at the final tribal council. Its time for me to shake this alliance up.


Quote1Good job today...Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Thanks (he hugs her) Uh... Good luck for tonight. You nervous?Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Yeah I suppose. I mean David and Adela are tight. David and Luigino are tight. You and David are tight... Looks like I'm the obvious target (she laughs and sighs)Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1I'm not tight with David. He was just the only one willing to make deals...Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Oh, really? You wouldn't be against getting rid of him tonight?Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1I would be against getting rid of any of you to be frank. I'll just vote with whoever is the majority... And they seem to all be keen on getting you out.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1I figured.Quote2- Ingrid
Abbas told me that tonight Adela, David and Luigino have agreed to get me out. Its infuriating that Adela would rather side with the boys than myself but I suppose its how things have panned out since I didn't side with Boran the night Don left. I may have caused my own downfall. Abbas gave me a hint that if I could get a majority against David that he'd join up with me... Which is promising. Adela wont do it though, and David cant vote himself. I cant imagine Luigino changing allegiances either but... (shrugs)


With only an hour left before tribal, Luigino spots Ingrid on his own, and decides to make use of the opportunity to talk with her. He admits that her name has come up, but voices his concern for the bond between David and Adela. Ingrid agrees, feeling as though the two will take one another over either of them.

Quote1That's why I'm writing David's name down tonight.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1See I don't know if I can just screw David like that...Quote2- Luigino
Quote1If you do it Abbas will join us. He goes home and we carry on.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1I know but... David hasn't screwed me in the sense that he's never given me much reason to think he'd take Adela, but its a concern. Adela is the one that worries me, she turned on your little group pretty quickly.Quote2- Luigino
Quote1You'd rather we voted her right? So I take the guilt for screwing the one closer to me (laughs)... Well she and I are no longer in cahoots as it were.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1If you write her name down, then count me in. Tonight we make our move and tomorrow we get rid of Abbas.Quote2- Luigino
There is apart of me that really worries voting out Adela would anger David to the point where he comes after me, but I could see him getting over the issue. I want to play it smart in that if Ingrid can look like the bastard between us, I'll get Adela's vote when she's on the jury. Going to the final two with Ingrid would be perfect then... Because I'm sure the jury would love me over her... And half those people hate my guts. But it might be a move I'm not willing to make, because Abbas is tight with David... And I don't know if Ingrid saying he's with us is through her hopeful thoughts... or a legitimate promise Abbas has made.


Adela sits with David and Abbas, with Luigino coming over to sit with them, leaving Ingrid alone.

Quote1We're all good for tonight?Quote2- David
Quote1Yeah... Yeah I'm good.Quote2- Luigino
Quote1I'm good.Quote2- Adela
Quote1Abbas?Quote2- David
Quote1Yep. Just feel bad for her is all.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Just remember she's screwed over more people and is bound to do it again. Its safer just to send her home.Quote2- David
I'm hoping that tribal council goes smoothly, but for all I know its going to blow up like it has in the past. Ingrid, as much as I do like her, really is unpredictable. She's viewed as vulnerable by the others, and I'm sure Abbas considers her a safer option to go forward with than myself or David. Luigino is tight with David though, and hasn't liked Ingrid since the start... I don't want to sound too confident but I think tonight will be... predictable for us all.


On one hand I've got David and Adela, two big threats... But consistent threats... People who are predictable are easier to work out in this game. If I go with them and Luigino then at least I know where things will go. If I go with Ingrid then I put myself with a less threatening wildcard... I don't know what Luigino is doing because he hasn't even bothered to speak with me. Ingrid says she's with him and that the vote has changed from David to Adela... and David says he's with them and the vote has stayed Ingrid. I don't like the vote changing... those are the inconsistencies that worry me with Ingrid, and I don't know if she's the sort of player I'd be comfortable going to the final four with.


At tribal council the entire Boran filled jury look pleased at the site of Abbas wearing the immunity necklace. Abbas tells Jeff he did fear for his position, despite being told he was safe, using Soledad as an example of someone who got blindsided when they were told it was another individual going home. Ingrid openly admits she is a target, claiming that she knows the others have selected her as the boot, but feels that there are other individuals who are more threatening than she is. Ingrid then says she has missed opportunities in the past, and is disappointed to have been "let down" by Adela, feeling as though she's handed all the power to David, who has been controlling the game for a long time. Adela claims she's playing her own game, and feels Ingrid has been too "wishy-washy", and that she doesn't trust her since she failed to inform her that Marsha was targeting her. Marsha rolls her eyes at the site of both girls squabbling, with her predictions of them as the targets coming true. When asked who feels safe, only Luigino puts his hand up, with David and Adela saying although they feel safe, they wouldn't be shocked if they receive more than one vote. Ingrid makes one final plea to her tribe, telling them not to miss opportunities like she has done, as it will only make winning much more difficult for them. David then makes a plea in return, to keep their final four strong, and to take out the individual who is going to make the next tribal council less predictable and straight forward. As Jeff goes to collect the votes, Ingrid looks particularly nervous, rolling her necklace in her hands whilst watching Jeff remove the first two votes, both of which bare her name. The next vote is revealed to be for Adela, which Adela nods at, unsurprised that Ingrid has targeted her, with David letting a relieved sigh out at not being Ingrid's target. The next vote is revealed to be for Adela, with Adela smiling, knowing that Abbas has sided with Ingrid.

Quote1Last vote...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Please... please... (rolls her necklace in her hands)Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Eleventh person voted out and the fifth member of our jury... (flips vote) ... Adela, you need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Thank you...! (looks at Abbas and Luigino)Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Wow guys... good job.Quote2- Adela
Quote1What the f**k...Quote2- David
Quote1Adela, tribe has spoken. (snuffs torch)Quote2- Jeff Probst

Adela leaves the tribal council area, with the jury looking excited at the blindside. David looks over at Luigino, who doesn't look back at him, instead keeping his attention on Jeff. The final four grab their belongings and head back to camp, knowing that one of them is just three days away from being voted the third Sole Survivor.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Moto Maji
Adela Africa
Adela (3 votes)
Abbas AfricaIngrid AfricaLuigino Africa
Abbas, Ingrid & Luigino
Ingrid Africa
Ingrid (2 votes)
Adela AfricaDavid Africa
Adela & David
Adela Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

You and David said you wanted a straight forward tribal next time, which I presume means voting me out. Considering its what you all want, I may as well side with the people who I'm more likely to beat in challenges.


Ingrid, you are a great woman and I'm glad to have met you. I'm sorry that we ended up this way, but you really made it hard to trust you. You've got to go tonight because going to the end with David and Luigino is the safer option for me at this point.


Goodbye Ingrid, you've had a good run, but its time we sent you on your way. In comparison to how people expected you to do, you've done well... Which I suppose you can take with you. You're the only one here not loyal to me, and for that I bid you farewell.


Adela, you had the opportunity to take out David, but once again you fail to do so, and this time it could cost you big. If it doesn't and you do end up making that final two I'll vote for you, because you clearly knew something the rest of us didn't. Its been lovely getting to know you.


I'm flipping sides because you and David are far too close. You shouldn't have gotten comfortable and assumed I was following you guys, because I've got my own brain, and it tells me that tonight is the night to get rid of one of the biggest threats; you.


Final Words

I'm so embarrassed right now. As Jeff snuffed my torch its dawned on me how I really just threw my game away the night I didn't side with Marsha. Oh God, uh... I don't know what else to say. Ingrid called me out good tonight and I should have realized that I was with the wrong people. I suppose I just worried that Ingrid would turn on me eventually because she hadn't warned me I was a target, and I thought it meant she didn't care about me as I did her. Either way I wish everyone luck... the only person left who doesn't deserve to win is Luigino. He's done nothing but follow David and now he decides to take me out. Good luck to Abbas, Ingrid and David I suppose, they've all done pretty well. If I could do it all again I would change a lot, which isn't what most people say, but I cant help but feel I would've won this had I realized my mistakes whilst I was making them.


Still In The Running

Abbas Africa
Don Africa Eliminated
Kris Africa Eliminated
Marsha Africa Eliminated
Mary Africa Eliminated
Neville Africa Eliminated
Phillis Africa Eliminated
Soledad Africa Eliminated
Adela Eliminated
Briallen Africa Eliminated
David Africa
Ingrid Africa
Luigino Africa
Phoebe Africa Eliminated
Renato Africa Eliminated
Roland Africa Eliminated

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