"Annoying, Selfish And Immature"
Borneo Ep 12
Season Borneo
Episode Number 12/13 (012)
First Broadcast May 20, 2014
Episode Chronology
Previous Trimming Down My Enemies
Next Where Did He Come From?

Annoying, Selfish And Immature is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Borneo.


Day 33 (Night)

The final five return to camp having just voted Eli out of the game. The group begin congratulating one another, while tension is apparent in their voices, with the group now knowing they must cannibalize themselves. Teddy continues to hold the impression that he is the flip vote for the next tribal council, but remains aware that he is still vulnerable in the game without individual immunity.

The five of us have stuck together for the last twelve days... And now its time that we begin to go for each other. When we got back to camp there was a case of everyone congratulating one another, then when you look around you can see everyone eyeing each other up, knowing that we're no longer an alliance, but a group of five that need to lose three more before the end of this game. I think that we've now got two groups with me in the middle, so they might be fighting for my vote, or maybe they'll think its wiser to drop the fifty-fifty chance with me, take me out, and the four of them can duke it out at the final four with the same fifty-fifty odds that they'd hold this round. Oh God. If I've worked this out then maybe one of them will too, and if that happens...


Quote1This is where it gets ugly.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1No, no we wont let things get ugly.Quote2- Tia
Quote1You don't think they just naturally will?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1If we can all keep class then hopefully nothing will go sour.Quote2- Razzy
I'm really nervous now we're down to five, our fate may lie in Teddy's hands because it is two groups together judging by past bonds. It doesn't seem fair that our fate lies in one mans hands but that's just the way this game goes. If I can keep winning immunity then maybe I wont have to worry, but I still gotta look out for my boy Razzy, who I want to be sitting with at the end of this game.


The group begin to pack it in for the night, wishing each other good luck for the next day, all keeping in mind that they are no longer guaranteed the apparent safety of an easy vote.

Day 34

On the early hours of Day 34, the tribe all awaken in order to spend their 'last happy day' together. The idea was created by Tia, who felt that they should spend the day enjoying Borneo, rather then strategizing, as this can act as the last day of peace for the final five. Sarah seems somewhat against the idea, not wanting to miss any opportunities she has to talk with Teddy, who she notes as the easiest option to reach the final three, as the two Pagong members will be looking to work his vote too.

People wanted to spend today... Mainly Tia and Razzy... Sitting around singing songs of peace, taking walks. I felt as though they had forgotten what the hell we're doing here. There is less then a week left, and I want to spend these days working to get myself to the final two. Only then will I spend my day doing nothing.


Olivia makes some rice for the group, who are still going hungry. Teddy goes fishing alone, in order to try and get some fish for the group. He comes back with two small fishes, which don't appear to be enough, as the tribe only get a small amount each in order to ration it equally. The tribe sit together eating in silent, before Tia decides to break the silence.

Quote1Ugh... Why cant these fish get bigger... Surely these smaller ones are harder to catch? Where are all the big mamas?Quote2- Tia
Quote1Well your welcome to grab the spear and to go out and look for the 'big mamas' yourself Tia...Quote2- Teddy
Quote1I didn't mean to ofe-...Quote2- Tia
Quote1Wow... really rude... C'mon Teddy busts his ass every day so we can eat. Tia when did you last go fishing? I mean for anything other than jury votes?Quote2- Sarah

The tribe falls back into momentary silence, with Tia's mouth left open. Razzy and Olivia look on in shock, while Teddy looks at Sarah, confused as to why she immediately took his side.

I'm an opportunist... I saw an opportunity to make Tia look bad, while supporting Teddy. So now Teddy might think 'hey, Sarah has my back, and Tia complains and looks for jury votes'. I think it worked well, considering Tia had nothing to say back to me. (shrugs)


The awkwardness causes the tribe to immediately abandon their unity, with Razzy and Tia going off alone to discuss what just occurred. Razzy finds the situation amusing, but Tia appears less humored.

It irritated me how Razzy seemed to find the whole situation funny. He wasn't the one called out, he wasn't the one made to look like an ass in front of everyone, including the 'swing-vote'. He doesn't realize how problematic it is for his chances and mine.


Tia man she... She took things badly... Why? She needs to realize people are playing the game. We can shake that off and move on. Does she not realize she did the same thing to Mandy like twenty days ago!? Treat others how you wish to be treated, the golden rule.


Quote1What is she playing at?Quote2- Tia
Quote1(laughing) I don't know...Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Stop laughing Razzy. This isn't a joke to me.Quote2- Tia
Quote1I'm sorry its just funny.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Not for me.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Tell you what then, lets go back to camp, before they spend time talking with Teddy, and make them look bad. Have your revenge.Quote2- Razzy

Back at camp, Olivia and Sarah take the time to quickly go over their plans while Teddy is cleaning the cooking pots.

Quote1You think that we just spend out time talking to Teddy?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Yes. I've already taken jabs at Tia today, we can get her out next if you want.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1I don't know... I'm still nervous that Teddy could go with them. Maybe we should just play it as though we want Teddy gone next? If we can make it as though we want Teddy out, we can remove him. But if we want to stick with our Tagi final three, then act as though we want Teddy gone, and we can tell Teddy that they want him out.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1What?!Quote2- Sarah
Quote1We tell both sides we want the other out, and let each side know that the other is gunning for them, granting ourselves safety.Quote2- Olivia
Olivia is freakin' crazy! Like what the hell are you thinking!? This plan is stupid! It is riskier then skinny dipping with those komodo dragons in the old watering hole! Ummmm hello, maybe you haven't considered both sides talking and realizing you're playing them!


I personally feel my plan could work and I'm going to go through with it. Teddy I don't trust at all, I think he's playing quite an under the radar game, in that no one knows what he is doing. To go with him would be easier as myself or Sarah can get rid of him easier then we could the Pagong duo.


Teddy goes off on his own in order to find solitude. He finds a small area of the beach away from the tribe and sits down, looking out at the sea. Teddy thinks about the game, and what he has gone through in it, before giving one last thought towards his family, knowing that he is close to the end of the game.

It's day thirty-I-don't-even-know... I think thirty four but I cant be sure right now. I remember this spot from earlier in the game, it was where myself and Larry brought the raft when we were out fishing. I use to see certain tribe members go off alone and I'd think they were being sneaky, breaking down or strategizing... But sometimes in this game you just need those moments alone away from everything. Right now I cant be sure as to what the others are thinking, and all I can know is that I need to be careful as to what I say and do... Today Tia said something that was pretty innocent, I got a bit annoyed, then Sarah jumped on the opportunity to use it to her own advantage. It shows how much this game has changed from day one where people could just be themselves, not caring about how they are perceived by certain individuals. Its a time I miss, but its interesting to see how things are evolving. Its not time for me to put family aside, as there aren't any rewards left after tomorrow I believe. I'll be seeing them all soon, so I cant spend thinking about them or talking about them that could otherwise be used working my way to the end, which ultimately is what we're all here to do.


Teddy returns to camp, finding the other four there, talking about the last reward which will be taking place the next day. The group manage to return to their 'happy last day', talking about amusing experiences back on their old tribes. When asked about their funniest moments, Razzy mentions his favourite experiences as the ones he shared with Mandy, who he felt others didn't get to truly know.

Really Razzy? Really? Mandy? Ugh.


Tia mentions her favorite experience as those spent with Razzy, who turned out to be her closest friend in the game, noting his dread-amputation as the funniest moment. Olivia mentions her favorite moment as the barbecue reward, before diverting into talk about all the food she enjoyed.

We're all starving and Olivia decides to go on about all this food she ate... Maybe she lacks social awareness or isn't thinking before she speaks.


Teddy lists his favorite moment as the experience in general, as he shared multiple favorite moments with different individuals, stating his bond with Larry as one he hopes to continue outside of the game.

My true favorite moment was definitely seeing my brother and feasting, but after the glares Olivia got for mentioning steak, burgers and hot dogs... I decided to leave that out... Pulled the generic 'I've loved every moment' card... But I wasn't lying, I have enjoyed it... And I do want to stay close with my old friends on Tagi...


Quote1Your turn Sarah, what's your favorite moment?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Ummm, I don't really have one.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Your kidding?Quote2- Razzy
Quote1No. Uh, maybe Danni being voted out?Quote2- Sarah
Why were they shocked? What was I suppose to do? Say I enjoyed sleeping in the rain while starving?


Sarah not even enjoying this experience really bugged me. There are so many individuals who would love to still be here, and she's sitting there saying she isn't really enjoying herself.


The tribe end their conversation as the sun goes down, before all retiring to the shelter to get an early night, knowing they will be facing their last reward challenge the next day.

Day 35

The tribe awaken to news that their next reward will offer a special prize. The mail states that whoever wins the reward will be taken to the 'Survivor Bar', where they will watch the first five minutes of the show. Razzy seems excited about the news, wanting to get alcohol while seeing himself on TV. Tia states it would be 'weird' to see herself on TV.

This is crazy man. Getting to go to a bar while seeing myself on TV! That's awesome!


Sarah seems less enthusiastic on the reward, having hoped for something more interesting.

Oh wow, seeing myself on the television. Can't I just do that in a few months when everyone else does it?


Quote1Why are you so excited Razzy? Can't you just wait to watch it with everyone else.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Well cant you wait to eat in a week with everyone else? Just because we get to do something eventually doesn't mean we cant be excited to get it earlier.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1I'm just saying its a bit narcissistic...Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Ok whatever Sarah, I'm a narcissist... You can think that.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1I do think that. And I know everyone else will think that. But being so self indulged you could probably sway people to love you as much as you love yourself.Quote2- Sarah

Teddy looks on as Sarah attempts to call out another Pagong member, slightly amused by the situation. Razzy shakes his head and laughs, before walking away from Sarah. Olivia and Tia both say nothing, not getting involved.

Razzy is a narcissist... He's reminded he is on TV and he acts more excited then with the news that he's a dad. He's just... annoying, selfish and immature. Grow up you're not a student, your a grown man going into his thirties.


I don't know what Sarah is playing at but she's just acting vile. She wants to stir up trouble because she's so desperate to get to the end... She can buy a lot with a million dollars, but a personality wont come that cheap.


Challenge: Mud Pack
Under a time limit of five minutes, tribe members dove into the Pagong’s old mud pit and covered their body with as much mud as they can, then raced back and scraped it off into a bucket. They could not carry mud in their arms or in their hands, only their body. The buckets were then weighed, and the heaviest bucket would win.
Reward: A cold beer, then picked up, blindfolded and taken to a mysterious bar to watch the first five minutes of the season.
Winner: Sarah

Reward Challenge: Mud Pack
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Weight of Mud 15.9 lbs 15.4 lbs 15.0 lbs 12.8 lbs 10.0 lbs
Castaway Sarah Borneo
Razzy Borneo
Olivia Borneo
Tia Borneo
Teddy Borneo

After the challenge, Razzy seems irritated that the person who didn't want the reward ended up winning. After winning Sarah begins to act as if she wanted to win secretly, despite knowing she truly didn't care either way.

It was annoying that Sarah of all people ended up winning, because she went on and on at how wanting to win this challenge made me a narcissist, yet she wins and seems happy to take it. Why didn't she give it up to Teddy, or Olivia or anyone... It just proves what a selfish individual she is.


When the group return to camp, Razzy and Teddy begin to discuss Sarah winning the reward.

Quote1It sucks how she won of everyone.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Yeah, she didn't seem to care either way.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Exactly, she's a selfish individual. Between you and me I'm voting her out next, I mean... She doesn't deserve to be here, and everyone agrees.Quote2- Razzy
I wanted to let Teddy know that I want him on side with me still, and that I want Sarah gone next. She has really overstayed her welcome. Sarah being rewarded by making it anywhere near the final two would be a poor representation of this game and the people in it.


I completely agreed with Razzy about Sarah being selfish and that no one thinks she deserves to be here... But... That's a reason to keep her if anything.


At the reward, Sarah sits down and enjoys an alcoholic beverage with Jeff while watching the first five minutes of the show. She boo's as Danni and Ola appear on screen, getting the locals to join in. When Sarah appears on screen, she cheers for herself, getting emotional as the locals cheer for her too.

I really enjoyed myself at the reward today, more then I'd admit. Yeah it was alright seeing the show, it wasn't much other than us on a boat. I'm just glad Razzy didn't get to come.


Day 36

The tribe receive tree mail informing them that they will be facing their next individual immunity challenge. The group consider the outcome of the challenge, with Olivia regarding the worst case scenario Teddy winning, as it means he fully holds all the power himself. Razzy states that the worst outcome would be Sarah winning, who he feels would be the easiest person to eliminate, getting Teddy on board to remove her from the game.

Today as long as Teddy doesn't win I will be happy. Razzy or Tia and Teddy are my targets, and I cant rely on just one plan of voting out a Pagong member, because Teddy holding all the power is truly frightening.


Sarah winning would kill me... Teddy dislikes her... I dislike her... She's an easier target than Olivia.


Challenge: Witch Hunt
Jeff told the castaways a story about Bornean folklore. After telling the story, the castaways will run to the woods (where the masks with questions on them were scattered) with a video camera to record their answers. The first person to get back to the start with all of the masks and the questions right on tape wins immunity.
Winner: Olivia

Immunity Challenge: Witch Hunt
Placement Winner Result
Castaway Olivia Borneo
Razzy BorneoSarah BorneoTeddy BorneoTia Borneo
Razzy, Sarah, Teddy & Tia

The tribe return to camp with Olivia immune, granting her a spot in the final four.

This was a brilliant outcome for me today. I won immunity, kept Teddy from winning immunity, and now I have a place in the final four. My goal is to now speak with Razzy and Teddy about voting the other out. I feel Razzy overall is a greater threat than Tia, so if one of them has to go it's gotta be him.


The group congratulate Olivia, with Teddy waiting around to be approached, wondering whether he truly is the swing vote. Sarah looks to Olivia as the two stand by the shelter, Teddy walks over to put his bag away. Olivia and the group silently whisper amoungst themselves.

Quote1Vote RazzyQuote2- Olivia
Quote1Razzy?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Yes!Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Ok...Quote2- Teddy
The girls have approached me saying to vote out Razzy. Razzy is my main threat overall, in the sense that he is clearly likeable and physically able. But the problem is that Razzy is also potentially the most loyal person I can find out here... So going with him could be safer in a sense.


Razzy and Tia then also want to get Teddy on their own, but quickly confirm their vote amongst themselves. They both settle on Sarah, viewing her as the more likely candidate for Teddy to vote for.

Myself and Razzy agreed upon voting Sarah, all we need to do now is to get Teddy on his own without being too obvious. Then again I don't see why we should care about discretion because Olivia and Sarah are doing the same thing as us.


Unable to get Teddy on his own due to Sarah clinging round him, Tia decides to go in on her own. Tia manages to mime 'vote Sarah?' to Teddy, Teddy responds by nodding to show he has understood her, but isn't able to verbally reply due to Sarah standing by his side. Back at camp, Razzy and Olivia stand alone, taking the opportunity to talk about voting for Teddy.

Quote1It's horrible knowing he has all the power right?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Yeah its tough.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1We could make this easier and take away the odds of him taking one of us out tonight. We can take him out, and at four we just take it to a tiebreaker. That seems more fair as its in our hands, where as if we leave it to him, then its out of our control.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Damn man... That's rough.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Yeah, but doesn't it seem more fair?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1It does. We could... Listen I aint talking with Sarah, but I could talk with Tia, you talk with Sarah. This as you said could be a lot easier for us, and means we don't need to worry about going tonight.Quote2- Razzy
Olivia did suggest a good plan that tonight voting for Teddy could be simpler, and it means that myself and Tia can make the final four. Again it would just be better to get Teddy on side, and we have control next round, because that guarantees me final THREE, not just four... I'll talk with Tia though, and if we think it's good we can go through with the plan.


I've spoken with Razzy, setting up the opportunity to vote for Teddy tonight to mix things up. This way I have two opportunities tonight as opposed to the simple one. In order to complete my plan, I need to go and tell Teddy that Razzy is considering voting him out. Hopefully now any heat on Sarah moves off onto Razzy and Teddy.


Olivia walks over to Sarah and Teddy in order to tell them of Razzy's potential change of mind. Olivia leads into it, slowly informing them that Razzy had approached her with the idea to vote out Teddy, and that he hopes this shows him that the girls are more loyal than the Pagong tribe. Teddy thanks Olivia for her 'news', before gathering his things for tribal council.

Apparently Razzy is coming my way tonight. I cant have someone in the game who is apparently coming after me. Do I completely believe Olivia? No... But I do feel that removing Razzy could be smart for my game. Or maybe I want to work with someone who I feel is loyal... Although after this 'revelation' I doubt that even Razzy would be loyal to me. At the end of the day I know that, uh, both sides wont take me to the end. All this vote does is guarantee me which duo and single competitor I'll be facing at the end, so I need to decide who I feel I can outlast when it comes down to it.


At tribal council the group discuss facing difficulties now they are voting their own out. Teddy admits he feels he is the swing vote, doubting he is in any real trouble, despite being told otherwise by certain individuals. Razzy immediately notices that the other side must be telling Teddy he is in trouble, which angers him, knowing they are playing him against them. Razzy states that he was told that voting Teddy out might be a good strategy for himself and Tia, and even goes on to admit Olivia had told him to do this. Olivia denies these allegations, stating that she is firmly with Teddy and has been set on working with him and Sarah for days. Tia, then takes the opportunity to plead to Teddy, stating that Sarah and Olivia are not trustworthy individuals as shown by their behavior. Sarah then speaks up, stating that Teddy should vote out a pagong member, as they have more friends on the jury then either her or Olivia have. Teddy admits that he has made his mind up, and was already set on his decision before tribal, stating he has to do what is better for him in the long run, as he knows either duo would only offer him third at best. When the votes come in neither of the duo's vote for Teddy, with the Pagong duo voting Sarah, and the Tagi duo voting Razzy. As the final vote (Teddy's) is shown, it is Razzy who is voted out, with his overall presence being more threatening then that of Sarah's. Razzy leaves with a smile on his face, not appearing to be sore over his elimination. The final four return to camp, just three days away from reaching the final tribal council.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Razzy Borneo
Razzy (3 votes)
Olivia BorneoSarah BorneoTeddy Borneo
Olivia, Sarah & Teddy
Sarah Borneo
Sarah (2 votes)
Razzy BorneoTia Borneo
Razzy & Tia
Razzy Borneo Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

We decided that if we could get the upper hand at the final four we'd take it, not risking that tiebreaker.


I really have grown to find you irritating out here. I feel so awful for Teddy, who has had to put up with you for God knows how long. Olivia I don't feel bad for, as after tonight it's clear she's just as bad as you are.


Enjoy watching this one on TV.


Razzy, your probably my last friend out here, but your also my last major threat when it comes to the final two... Taking you tonight, I feel, guarantees no matter who I'll be facing in the end, I can beat. Now all I have to do is get there.


You think your being big by suddenly playing the game, you're not.


Final Words

Awww man! They got me! Haha! I don't regret a thing out here. I've had fun, I enjoyed the experience. The main thing I'll take from this is how much you take your family for granted back at home. When you spend thirty-six days away from those you love you get a whole new appreciation for that love they have for you, and the love you have for them. I'm sorry to my people I didn't win no money... But I'd like to think I could have had I got to the end, I think the jury liked me more then the three girls at least... Guess I'll never know.


Still In The Running

Alice Borneo Eliminated
Eli Borneo Eliminated
Eric Borneo Eliminated
Julia Borneo Eliminated
Mandy Borneo Eliminated
Razzy Borneo Eliminated
Tia Borneo
Uri Borneo Eliminated
Andrew Borneo Eliminated
Ben Borneo Eliminated
Danni Borneo Eliminated
Larry Borneo Eliminated
Ola Borneo Eliminated
Olivia Borneo
Sarah Borneo
Teddy Borneo

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