"A Face Full Of Emotions"
Borneo Ep 5
Season Borneo
Episode Number 5/13 (005)
First Broadcast May 5, 2014
Episode Chronology
Previous Generation Gap
Next Loyalty Versus Strength

A Face Full Of Emotions is the fifth episode of Survivor: Borneo.


Day 12 (Night)

Tagi return to camp having just voted out Larry, leaving Danni and Ola both in shock, as they were expecting Teddy and Larry to both have voted for Sarah. Teddy, feeling guilty for voting out his friend, heads to the shelter and lies down. Sarah, feeling hurt at seeing her name written down, decides to confront both Danni and Ola in front of the whole tribe.

Quote1So Danni and Ola how long have you both hated me?Quote2- Sarah
Quote1We don't hate you Sarah.Quote2- Danni
Quote1Then why write my name down. Pretty fake Ola considering you HATED Larry and you decide you want to keep him so you want me out.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1I didn't hate Larry! Hunny, when did I say I hated Larry!?Quote2- Ola
Quote1Well I just assumed because, well, he hated you, 'hunny'.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Just stop it Sarah. You're showing everyone why you're disliked by certain people around here and maybe why we voted you in the first place.Quote2- Danni
Quote1F**k off I don't even want to hear it.Quote2- Sarah
They can both just not talk to me. They try to attack me and get me out of the game. Screw both of them.


The argument continues for several minutes, before naturally dying down with Sarah going to bed. Ola and Danni sit together outside the shelter, with Danni wiping tears from her eyes.

These aren't tears of sadness. These are tears of anger. Ola got voted for tonight and doesn't take it personally, Ben got voted for and didn't take it personally. Sarah is just a horrid individual. She's f***ing sociopathic.


Ben and Teddy sit in the shelter while the fight dies down. With Ben slightly smiling, finding it amusing. Teddy holds his hands over his head, clearly tired of the new drama arising on Tagi.

Quote1It's moments like this I wish Larry wanted to strategise...Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Yeah ... Wait what?Quote2- Ben

Day 13


On their thirteenth day out on the island of Borneo the Pagong tribe are experiencing a fierce storm. The whole tribe have taken refuge in the shelter, huddling together to keep warm and dry. Razzy is attempting to fall asleep, using his buff to cover his face. Alice is situated under a jacket, attempting to curl up into the fetal position. Uri, Mandy and Tia are sat towards the center of the shelter in silence, managing to keep somewhat dry. Eli, who is sat towards the edge of the shelter, clearly getting drenched, decides to take the opportunity to bury the hatchet with long time rival Uri.

Quote1Considerin' we're all here I'm thinkin' now would be a good time to talk.Quote2- Eli
Quote1About what? (said while still remaining under the jacket)Quote2- Alice
Quote1Uri, do you wanna talk things out?Quote2- Eli
Quote1I really don't think there's anything to talk about.Quote2- Uri
Quote1Well y'see I do.Quote2- Eli
Quote1And after thirteen days I suddenly care what you think?Quote2- Uri
Quote1See this is the problem Uri, I try to talk to you. I try to be nice.Quote2- Eli
Quote1If I came here to find nice people, if I wanted to find nice people, then I think I'm in the wrong place. We don't get on, leave it at that. Stop trying to play the martyr of the tribe.Quote2- Uri
Quote1Can you both just leave it? No one here wants to be constantly exposed to your bickering. You're worse then my girls.Quote2- Mandy
This must be my hundredth attempt at being nice to Uri. Once again it's shoved in my face. I'm not going to stop what I'm doing because clearly it kept me here this long, the more Uri barks at me the more he looks like the bad guy. I know Tia has started to see that, so how long until Razzy or Mandy does too?


Quote1All I ask is you just don't talk to me. You keep trying and I've made it clear I don't like you. For the good of the tribe don't talk to me.Quote2- Uri
Quote1That's not exactly fair Uri...Quote2- Eli
Quote1Why? You keep trying when it's clear I don't want to be your friend. What do you want me to shout? Do you want to antagonize me even more then you have already?Quote2- Uri
Quote1Oh I've antagonized you? Really? (laughs)Quote2- Eli
Quote1Yes you have! And you crossed the line again and again.Quote2- Uri
Quote1Both of you just shut the hell up before I throw you in the water!Quote2- Mandy

Tia stands up immediately following the argument, grabbing Uri's arm before dragging him outside of the shelter.

Quote1What are you doing?Quote2- Uri
Quote1Just take a walk with me. I aint sitting there watching you throw away your game or anyone elses.Quote2- Tia
I had enough of Uri versus Eli a long time ago, but it's at that point where I cant let it go on. I've made it very clear that I want Eli to stick around, along with Alice. Uri I also hope sticks around. Despite the prospect of him coming after me, which is still not certain, he has been good to me this whole game. I don't want to strike him if he really isn't after me. The only clear thing for me to do is to keep him around, while keeping Alice and Eli with me. That way if they do want to take me out, he'll struggle, because there is no way Alice or Eli will get me out to help Uri.


Quote1So what do you want to take me on a walk for?Quote2- Uri
Quote1You need to stop this. Seriously.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Stop what!?Quote2- Uri
Quote1Causing rifts in the tribe! I don't care if you disagree with me, hear me out. We are merging at some point in this game, we don't know when. Lets say its soon, tomorrow, or in 3 days. If you anger Eli, you anger Alice. That's two people annoyed at you, if we merge what's to stop them getting people on the other tribe, who'll have no reason to keep you, to join them in voting you out. Nothing. So what is the smartest thing to do? Bring Alice and Eli into the fold. You need them more then they need you, we have to accept that.Quote2- Tia
Quote1The merge could be two weeks away, we might vote two more people out before then. We can bump off Alice and Eli then.Quote2- Uri
Quote1Fine Uri, you can risk it all you want but I'm tellin' you, we'll live to regret it.Quote2- Tia
I don't know what has come over Tia. She is really playing this game aggressively at the moment. If she keeps going like this then she could find her name coming up at tribal.


Tryin' to convince Uri that he is playing this game badly is proving to be difficult. Logically he should appease Eli and Alice and take Mandy out, the only true connection she has is with Razzy, who is close to me and Uri anyway, he wont be hurt over her exit. If Uri thinks this chat was a one off then he's wrong, more are coming his way.


Back in the shelter, the others don't react at all to the departure of Tia and Uri, more concerned with keeping themselves dry.


The Tagi tribe, facing the same storm as Pagong, continue to work despite the rain. Danni and Teddy have left the camp to collect water, leaving Ben, Ola, Sarah and Olivia at camp. Ben and Olivia work on the shelter, with the storm taking a heavy toll on it. Sarah sits in the shelter, keeping firewood dry for when the rain stops. Ola sits alone on the beach, away from the camp. She looks out at the ocean, with tears streaming down her face.

Quote1What the hell is wrong with her?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Probably realized she isn't lasting much longer out here.Quote2- Ben
Quote1You think she'll just give in like that?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Probably, she isn't much of a fighter.Quote2- Ben
Quote1Guys are you sure you don't want me to come and help with the shelter?Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Yes, just stay in there and keep that dry.Quote2- Ben
The rain is really coming down hard on us. Teddy and Danni went off to get our water, leaving me back at camp with three incompetent people. Ola is having a mental breakdown at the end of the beach, Olivia is 'helping' me with the shelter, and Sarah is sat on some wood trying to keep it dry. I keep telling myself that these are the people I'm beating at the end, but then I wonder if its worth torturing myself with their presence just to win a million dollars.


Today sucks, like most days out here. It's nice to have the camp to ourselves, but annoying that Teddy and Danni wondered off and Ola is just sitting at the end of the beach feeling sorry for herself.


Ola is sat alone on the beach, wiping tears from her face, looking out at the sea thinking about the game and her family back home.

I feel very... alone... out here. I sit here freezing, thinking about my family, thinking about my husband, my mum, my dog, and it hurts. It hurts me to know they'll see this, see me crying, see me getting comments made about me. I don't want to use the word bully, but that's what they are. Ben, Olivia and Sarah are bullies, they want to use a gang mentality to scare people into helping them. I realize that I wont be here much longer, and it hurts to know that, I wanted to go further just so I could show myself to be someone strong and independent. All I can hope is justice will come back and get these people.


Off by the water well, Danni questions Teddy on his decision not to stick with the girls.

Quote1So did you just want to play us for your own enjoyment?Quote2- Danni
Quote1No, no it wasn't like that!Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Then what was it? Did you know you were voting with Ben?Quote2- Danni
Quote1When I said I wanted us guys to make a pact I meant it! Larry didn't want to play the game, he was dead set on getting Ola out, had I voted with you guys we'd have more issues at camp, my game would be damaged, and we'd have Larry who we couldn't rely on sticking with us through this thing.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1(begins to cry) Because I'm totally screwed now... Me and Ola are totally done.Quote2- Danni
Quote1No... No! You aren't! Trust me. I see you as my closest friend out here, and when I say I'll stick with you if you stick with me, I mean it.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1So me you and Ola can still work on something?Quote2- Danni
Quote1Thats the problem. I cant help Ola. She and I don't have much that'll keep us together, and we cant risk causing ties. You need to do what I did. Bring yourself into Bens group, leave Ola behind. That way you stick around with me, and we work this thing together.Quote2- Teddy
I know Danni is mad and I get that. Truth is Ola cant stay in this game now, unless we somehow win everything up until the tribes come together. If that happens then great, if not then Danni will just need to suck it up and we move on. I sound like a complete a** at this point but its how this game has to be played, after last night I know I have to do whatever to stick around.


Teddy is changing out here and its horrible to see. I don't know if he's just playing the game or if he genuinely is this cold as a person. If he wants to play it cold then so will I, I'll make sure each and every person who crosses me out here gets their torch put out before mine.


Reward: Choose Your Weapon
Only three members from both teams would compete for this challenge. One person for each round. First to win two rounds wins.

  • For the first round, representatives will use blowguns. In two minutes, shooters must knock down as many fruits as they can. Then the knocked fruits will be weighed. The heavier load wins the first round.
  • For the second round, a slingshot. Players must knock down hanging fruits from a wall. Then the knocked fruits will be weighed. The owner of the heavier load wins this round for their tribe.
  • And for the final round, contestant will use spears. Both tribe representatives will be given three shots. The shot closest to the bull's eye wins.

Reward: All the fruits knocked down from the challenge, plus three live chickens.
Winner: Tagi

Reward Challenge: Choose Your Weapon
Result Tribe Blowgun Spear Slingshot Sit-Out
Won Tagi Danni Borneo
Teddy Borneo
Ben Borneo
Ola BorneoOlivia BorneoSarah Borneo
Ola, Olivia & Sarah
Lost Pagong Alice Borneo
Razzy Borneo
Eli Borneo
Mandy BorneoTia BorneoUri Borneo
Mandy, Tia & Uri

Day 14


Uri and Razzy go for a walk, discussing the future of the tribe.

Quote1Would you think its a bad idea to get rid of Eli?Quote2- Uri
Quote1No...! What!? Why would I? It's what we agreed on two f***ing weeks ago.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Exactly what I thought.Quote2- Uri
Quote1Why? Has someone said something?Quote2- Razzy
Quote1No, no it's just I'm wondering.Quote2- Uri
Uri questions me asking if I felt Eli should stay or go. Uri KNOWS I'm happy to get Eli out of here, but he questioned me like someone has been claiming I don't want him to go. Now I'm worried! Someone in my alliance is screwing with me, or it's Alice. Whoever it is, I'll confront them about it. I don't want to be made a target because someone is spewing rubbish.


Razzy seemed to agree with me that Eli shouldn't stay. If he agrees I don't understand why Tia feels the way she does. I can only assume its from talking to Alice and Eli for this period of time. If Alice is putting poisonous thoughts into Tia then she has to go, I don't want someone staying around who is causing trouble.


Back at camp, Tia and Mandy are asleep in the shelter. Alice and Eli are sat on the beach talking.

Quote1I've got to a point where I almost feel like giving up.Quote2- Alice
Quote1Don't say that, we've been through too much to give up.Quote2- Eli
Quote1I'm serious. My body is worn out, I'm tired... I just don't know if we have that possibility of winning. If I don't win this I don't know if I want to endure much more.Quote2- Alice
Quote1Well I aint lettin' you quit. If it weren't for you one of us wouldn't be here right now. So we aren't gonna go now, or in three days... A week from now we're both gonna still be here, I promise you. We found a way through before, we'll do it again.Quote2- Eli
It's been two weeks exactly since we started this thing and I'm just exhausted. I'm having a really bad day in that I just don't feel like sticking around. Eli is being good support though. He may feel I'm the reason we stay from a strategic standpoint, but without him my moral would be so low that I'd have walked from the game today.


Alice is findin' things rough this morning. We had a horrid night sleep so it's only expected. I don't think she'll quit on me, she wants to stay in this game just as much as I do at heart, I know she does. I have faith in Tia, I think she'll pull through, and I believe that myself and Alice can make it far into this game.



The Tagi start off their day early, with Teddy waking up to keep the fire going. Teddy is surprised to see Ola already up, sat by the fire. Teddy sits by her, and the two begin talking.

Quote1So how are you doing?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Meaning what?Quote2- Ola
Quote1I just heard yesterday you weren't doing so good.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Teddy I'm going to be completely honest with you. Showing me sympathy and trying to bond with me is useless, for you and me. You wont cheer me up at all, I don't like you enough to be cheered up by you. You wasting your time trying to cheer me up will not benefit you in the slightest, because I wont be here a week from now. I wont be a long term ally for you, and I wont be granting you my vote in any way, I'll vote my own way, and judging by the fact you're firmly with Ben and his group I suspect your way is on the opposite side of mine.Quote2- Ola
Ola is really strong as a character. I do believe she has given up, not that her fighting would matter much, being realistic she wont last much longer either way in this game. I appreciate the fact she is honest with me, but it saddens me that she feels me trying to show her empathy is gameplay. If that's how I'm perceived out here then I'm going to change what I'm doing. I don't want to come across as a heartless game player, I want to set an example for my daughter and my family to show them I'm a good person, while playing the game of Survivor.


Later in the day, while Teddy, Ola and Olivia are absent from the shelter, Ben takes the opportunity to talk to Danni, who he intends to bring into his alliance, knowing four members wont be enough for when the tribes are brought together.

Quote1So Danni, you want to go far right?Quote2- Ben
Quote1No I intended to be one of the first to go, why Ben?Quote2- Danni
Quote1Please drop the sarcasm Danni, just listen to him.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Sarah I said to stay out of this.Quote2- Ben
Quote1Whatever you two have to say, I really couldn't care. Both of you are not the kind of people I particularly want to associate with so... (stands and exits)Quote2- Danni
We're at that stage in the game where I need more people! I'm beginning to realize the countless mistakes I've made while playing. Letting Sarah and Olivia be lazy, voting out Larry, giving Teddy a sense of power. All of these can easily ruin me right now, so I need to fix my mistakes. I need a fifth member. If necessary Teddy can go home and I'll pull in Ola and Danni, the major problem with that is Danni appears to be hating my guts right now. What makes it worse is when Sarah tries to get involved, she needs to realize people DONT like her! Just shut your mouth! No one wants to hear you speak!


Ben wants to play his games, let him. I refuse to allow him to play me. If I go home so be it, I really don't want to bow down to him like Teddy has done.


Day 15

Both tribes receive tree mail informing them of their next immunity challenge. Both tribes are told to select a rower, who will collect the rest of his/her tribe, who are shipwrecked out in the water. For Pagong, Eli is selected as the rower, due to his lack of confidence in the water, despite getting stronger thanks to Alice's help. For Tagi, Teddy is selected as the rower.

Today a lot of the challenge rests on me, it makes me nervous but I prefer knowing that if we lose today and I go home, which is likely, that it was down to my failings, and not the failings of someone else.


If we lose today things will shift on our tribe, and I'll likely have my five person group set in stone. It might be bittersweet as we'll remove Danni, Ola or Teddy who cause problems, but gain some sort of future alliance that can come into play when needed.


Challenge: Shipwrecked
Both tribes must select one rower before they convene for the challenge. Then the rest of the cast will be sent to the ocean, wearing life vests. Mimicking a true shipwreck, the rowers must rescue all their tribe mates. Then the rescued teammates can help the rower in gathering up their other tribe mates. First team to rescue all their tribe mates, wins immunity.
Winner: Pagong
Information (Pagong): Alice, Mandy, Tia and Uri perform well, proving to be assets when rescuing each other. Eli and Razzy perform averagely, with Eli slightly struggling to control the boat, while Razzy is slow at getting on board.
Information (Tagi): Ben, Danni and Olivia perform well, proving to be assets when rescuing each other. Ola, Sarah and Teddy perform averagely, with Teddy slightly struggling to control the boat, while Ola and Sarah are slow at getting on board.

Immunity Challenge: Shipwrecked
Result Tribe Rower Shipwrecked
Won Pagong Eli Borneo
Alice BorneoMandy BorneoRazzy BorneoTia BorneoUri Borneo
Alice, Mandy, Razzy, Tia & Uri
Lost Tagi Teddy Borneo
Ben BorneoDanni BorneoOla BorneoOlivia BorneoSarah Borneo
Ben, Danni, Ola, Olivia & Sarah


Tagi return to camp having lost their third immunity challenge, and their second in a row. Ben immediately pulls Olivia and Sarah off to the side to talk. While Ola and Danni walk off on their own to speak, leaving Teddy alone with the chickens.

It does make me nervous that everyone has gone off alone. I know they'll be talking about me, and if I go then good on Danni and Ola, those two would have really fought hard to survive and would deserve to. I know my only option tonight that is logical is to vote out Danni or Ola, I'm not going to be pushy, I'll wait for Ben to approach me, at that point I'll agree to which ever one he says we vote out. I'm going to go along with what Ben wants for now, but when the time comes, I'll strike.


Ben, Oliva and Sarah sit by the water well, discussing the vote.

Quote1Ok who do you guys want to go? Teddy, Danni or OlaQuote2- Ben
Quote1What? Why is Teddy an option?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Because he's dangerous. He is really working people on this tribe and he is going to be a problem down the road.Quote2- Ben
Quote1So what you want to go for him tonight?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1I'm asking you guys.Quote2- Ben
Quote1I'd say no. Teddy has stuck with us this far. Why take him out over Danni or Ola who are absolutely after us.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1I agree with Liv.Quote2- Sarah
I've discussed things with the girls, mentioning Teddy could be an issue. But neither of them see it, they both feel that Danni and Ola are the two that need to go soon. If that's how they feel I'll go with it, I just have to check with my group who they want out, I cant always just dictate what happens because I'll be blamed if things go wrong.


Quote1Out of Danni and Ola who would you want out then?Quote2- Ben
Quote1Ola.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1I agree, Ola to go first.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1If that's what you want then we'll do it. But we need to pull Danni in. We cant have a potentially dangerous loose cannon on our tribe.Quote2- Ben
Quote1Well I can talk to her.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1No, I'll talk to here. Alone.Quote2- Ben

Danni and Ola also discuss the vote, talking over who they feel should be sent home.

Quote1We could do Teddy. It would buy us three more days.Quote2- Danni
Quote1Three more days or b****y comments from that group.Quote2- Ola
Quote1Well what do we do? We cant just give up.Quote2- Danni
Quote1We aren't giving up, but I said I am willing to go tonight. You have a better shot then me and I don't want to drag you out of here with me.Quote2- Ola
Quote1I wont write your name down.Quote2- Danni
Quote1You will if it's the only way you stay. I am giving you permission to vote me out.Quote2- Ola
My friendship with Danni was the only thing that kept me going through these two weeks. I don't want it to cost her the money so I told her to vote for me tonight. I will vote for Sarah. If somehow we can get the votes to send Sarah home then it will be brilliant. But being completely logical, I don't see it happening.


Just before tribal council, after Danni has spent time trying to find ways to save herself and Ola, Ben approaches her.

Quote1Danni I want to have that chat. You know the one you stormed off from the other day?Quote2- Ben
Quote1What? What do you want to say. Go on.Quote2- Danni
Quote1In this game we will merge with the other tribe. Now I don't know when that will be, but I want you to be around for it. I want you to work WITH me in this game. If you want to know the truth, Ola wont be there. I don't want you to be a lone soldier. I don't want you to be someone who causes problems for me in the game. For that reason I'm going to be honest, tonight if you vote Ola with the rest of us, then she will go home, and you will be as tight in the alliance as anyone else. If you don't, and prove that you're not willing to work with this tribe, then myself, Olivia, Sarah and Teddy will be voting you out very soon. I don't want you to feel like I'm threatening you.Quote2- Ben
Quote1That's exactly what you're doing.Quote2- Danni
Quote1Well make your choice. I'm sorry but you can stick with Ola, the sinking ship, or find new life out here.Quote2- Ben
I hate that boy so much. He is a horrid, evil, scheming individual and for him to tell me what to do has really REALLY got my blood boiling. Ola tells me to vote her out, now Ben is telling me if I don't vote her out I'll be going too. It's almost as if I'm being told to do something by everyone, something that will help me, but it feels so wrong that I don't want to do it.


Moments before tribal, Danni approaches Teddy, attempting one last thing.

Quote1Please just cause a tie.Quote2- Danni
Quote1Why?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Because Teddy they're f***ing threatening me!Quote2- Danni
Quote1Who is?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Ben! Saying if I don't vote out Ola this evening I'm going. I'm asking you, please... vote for Sarah... I will do it if you do and we can cause a tie, re-vote and Ola and her can go head to head to break it. Please Teddy. I'm asking you, as a friend.Quote2- Danni
Danni is really trying hard to save Ola. She raises a good point in that Ola would likely beat Sarah in any tied scenario. The major issue with that is Ben is then pissed at me, and so is Olivia. That wont make Tagi healthy going into a merge, and wont make my game any better then it would be if Ola goes tonight. Then again, I don't want to see bullies rewarded... So is there a chance tonight we'll have to do a re-vote? Absolutely.


At tribal council the matter of the suspected upcoming merge is discussed, with the tribe generally agreeing they need to be strong and unified going into it. Danni raises a point that if a tribe goes in strong, but one member is left feeling hurt, then the whole tribe could crumble. Ben interjects, saying this is why he has attempted to show everyone on the tribe who is 'likely to be around after tonight' that he aims to work with them. Danni and Teddy both briefly mention the fear tactics Ben, Olivia and Sarah use, but the three deny that they are bullies. Ola laughs, and a small argument breaks out between herself and Sarah. Sarah is left crying when Ola tells her that her family should be disgusted at how she has acted and treated people throughout the game. As the votes come in, the fear tactics appear to have worked, with Danni and Teddy once again joining Ben's alliance in voting out Ola in a 5-1 vote. As Ola leaves, she hugs Danni, before glaring at the other four.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Ola Borneo
Ola (5 votes)
Ben BorneoDanni BorneoOlivia Borneo
Sarah BorneoTeddy Borneo
Ben, Danni, Olivia, Sarah & Teddy
Sarah Borneo
Sarah (1 vote)
Ola Borneo
Ola Borneo Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Miss Ola, but you're the weak link and just don't offer my game a thing.


I'm so... so... so sorry. I know you know this is happening but I still don't know why I'm going along with it. I will get them for you.


Sarah, I know I'm going tonight but I want you to know that I think you're nothing more then a shallow, despicable little brat. You shouldn't feel proud in any way of what you have done in this game, and I hope one day I do come across you again, hopefully at the bottom of a cesspit. I'll look down at you, laugh, and walk on.


This elimination is long overdue.


I cant wait to see a face full of emotions when you go home, lets see which of them you can still do.


You know I don't dislike you. I'm sorry you feel that I'm a game player but I genuinely do care about you. I hope you enjoyed your experience. Much love.


Final Words

Danni and Teddy told me before tribal that I was going home. Danni mentioned Teddy wouldn't help and he apologized blah blah blah. I hope he grows a spine before this game is done. It's quite embarrassing how an 40 year old man is being pushed around by a 20 year old. I do however wish Teddy luck, hoping he and Danni can turn things around because nobody wants to see Ben, Olivia or the other one win. Go get them Danni!


Still In The Running

Alice Borneo
Eli Borneo
Eric Borneo Eliminated
Julia Borneo Eliminated
Mandy Borneo
Razzy Borneo
Tia Borneo
Uri Borneo
Andrew Borneo Eliminated
Ben Borneo
Danni Borneo
Larry Borneo Eliminated
Ola Borneo Eliminated
Olivia Borneo
Sarah Borneo
Teddy Borneo

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